4 thoughts on “Quick Quote Friday #24

  1. Dear Room 10,

    I think this quote means you never know you inner strength until something happens to you like parents break up or even friends and you think well if I want something to happen I will have to do something and that something is being strong not with muscles but with your heart.
    It can be hard but if you want it to change are you going to sit on your bum and say it doesn’t matter or get off your bum and change it. There are other things you can do help this talk to some one you trust like or call kids help line on 1800 55 1800 you could also talk to Wendy or Cathy at grange school. They are very helpful. From personal experience you could talk to Miss Baldwin she usually has time up her sleeve. It has been really hard for me so i know what you might be going through so if you need to talk come see me in room 8 miss Wendland and we can talk about it in confidential if you want to and maybe I can help you in what to do.

    From Anika

    1. Dear Anika,
      Well done on a very thoughtful and honest response Anika. You have shown how important it is to be strong and also reminding everyone that there is support at school to help you when needed. Thank you for offering your time to help others, it shows you are a wonderful leader in the school and that you have a kind heart. Our class really enjoys reading your responses on the class blog, keep up the wonderful job Anika!
      From Mrs baldwin

  2. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    what this quote means in my words is probably well,like I don’t need to be strong until I have to be strong in the right place?

    From Jackson

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