How To Comment

We welcome anyone to make a comment on our blog!
Leaving a comment is as simple as…

1. Click on the heading of the post you wish to comment on.
2. Scroll down until you see the ‘comment’ link at the bottom of the post. The comment link may say something like “5 comments”, “comments” or “no comments”.
3. You will be asked to complete the “Leave a Reply” form. Enter your name and email address/website. Your email address is optional and will not be published.
4. You will need to write the ‘anti spam word’.
5. Click on ‘submit comment’

Your comment will not appear straight away on the post. It will be emailed to Mrs Baldwin for approval and then published.

Source: Miss Jordan’s Class @ Barwon Heads Primary School

5 thoughts on “How To Comment

  1. Hi, My name is Caleb and I go to Belrose Public School. I have my pen licence and I am in Mr Rothwells class, I look forward to chatting to you and looking at your posts. In case you haven’t notice my school is in Belrose. Caleb

  2. Hi Mrs Baldwin,
    My name is Gemma and I go to Belrose Public School. I am in Mr Rothwells class. look forward to chatting to you and seeing more of your posts. Gemma

  3. dear miss B i am very excited too get new cap buddies. and could we have a music page. so we just could listein too music and I hope that you enjoy melborne . PS I hope you will like the lion king. From zoe

  4. Dear mrs baldwin this year l enjoyed camp l did not think it would be this much fun and I really enjoyed yabby fishing.

  5. Dear mrs Bawldwin I am looking forward to doing since because I think we will be doing experience I like learning what happens when you put corn flower and mix it with water it goes soft and hard that is why I am looking frod to doing a lot of science I am also looking forward to maths because Like problem solving.

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