Fractions Problem Solving

This Term we have been learning about Fractions. We will…. Investigate equivalent fractions by exploring the relationship between families of fractions (halves, quarters and eighths or thirds and sixths) by folding a series of paper strips to construct a fraction wall. Count by quarters halves and thirds along with using mixed numerals and locate and… Read More Fractions Problem Solving

Money, Money, Money!

To finish off the end of Term we have been focusing on Money in Maths. Mrs Baldwin has been providing us with mental routines to begin each lesson followed by a problem solving activity. Mental Routine The mental routines develop our maths vocabulary and also allow us to use our prior knowledge to answer questions.… Read More Money, Money, Money!

Addition Strategies

The past few weeks we have been learning and practising how to use a variety of addition strategies. Back when Mrs. Baldwin and many of our parents were in school there was often only one strategy taught to students when adding numbers with 2 or more digits. This strategy was the standard algorithm strategy. This… Read More Addition Strategies