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Khan Academy Coding


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Sheppard Software – Online games for all learning areas

Studyladder – interactive games, quizzes, worksheets and tests for all learning areas

Dance Mat -Practice your typing skills and earn certificates along the way!

Dance Mat


Behind the News – A kids news program with additional resources

Kids National Geographics – Kids games and information on animals and the environment

Primary Games – this site has learning games, action games, puzzles, card games, virtual worlds, colouring pages, and more!

Mr Picasso Head – Create your own Picasso art piece of work

Science Kids – loads of videos, games, quizzes and activities on all science topics

Optical Illusions – fun optical illusions that the whole family can enjoy!

Oliphant Science Awards – learn about the awards and how to enter

Tagxedo – A fun creative art activity turning words into a word cloud

10 Fast Fingers – 1 minute typing test. Find our your typing speed.

Typing Test.com 1 minute typing tests

Learning Games for Kids Рliteracy, numeracy, science, geography games and typing speed tests.

Switch Zoo Animal Games – play animal games, jigsaw puzzles, learn about animals and join a quest.

ABCya! Keyboard games and art activities for all different year levels!

Highlights Kids – Read, play games and conduct cool experiments about science topics

Bitstrip for Schools – kids can create comics that are educational.

Planet Facts for Research

Space Facts

Planets for Kids

Kids Astronomy

Nine Planets for Kids

Kids Wikipedia

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