Once a week our class participates in handwriting lessons. Handwriting skills are very important as there are many times during the day where you will need to write something down such as shopping list, writing in a card or filling out important forms. At the beginning of the class we discuss the following: correct posture –… Read More Handwriting

Sophia’s Gift!

Our class would like to share with you something special that one of our students is doing at the moment. Sophia has made a decision to raise funds for Cancer Council South Australia’s ‘Do it for Cancer‘ community fundraising program. Sophia made this decision because she has unfortunately had some family members suffer from Cancer. She… Read More Sophia’s Gift!

Soil Solutions

This term for Science we have been looking at a variety of soil samples and analysing their properties and characteristics. Our latest experiment involved us collecting a soil sample from any location and placing it in a clear jar. Next we had to fill our jars with water and shake the jar so that all the water… Read More Soil Solutions

soils, rocks and landscapes around our school

Our Science topic for Term 3 is called Beneath our Feet. In this topic we will: Have opportunities to explore how natural processes and human activity shape our surroundings. Develop our understanding of soils, rocks and landscapes and how they change over time through hands-on activities and  investigations. Investigate factors that affect the erosion of soils. This is a… Read More soils, rocks and landscapes around our school