Why We Blog

There are many benefits of a classroom blog. Here are some of the main reasons listed below:

  • Students have an authentic audience for their writing and sharing of ideas. There is a global audience that students can connect with, respond to and challenge with. This motivates students further with their writing to produce well written and thought out comments and ideas. Students take more care and respect for each others opinions and this can allow for a passion for writing or a particular topic to be begin and develop further.
  • Students are able to reflect on lessons being taught in the classroom by replying to a post provided by the teacher. This means the learning doesn’t stop once the lesson ends, the conversations continue outside the classroom door! The students learning journey is a never ending!
  • Students learn about cyber safety and the correct behaviours to undertake when blogging on the Internet.┬áStudents also learn and grow respect for Copyright laws and the importance of using other peoples pictures, movies, music and other information appropriately with acknowledgment.
  • Students learn how to present┬ádigital information in a variety of ways.
  • Students can share their learning with parents. It provides another way for students, teachers and parents to communicate with each other and share in our learning together.
  • Students have FUN whilst learning using 21st century technologies and it can motivate and inspire students in a powerful way with giving a sense of purpose to their writing.

If you are interested in reading more about the benefits of classroom blogging Kathleen Morris has written an excellent post on this topic. Her passion and knowledge in this area is inspirational! Check out her Primary Tech blog.


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