100 WC

The 100 word challenge has finally begun across the world. You must use the prompt that is given at the beginning of each challenge as it is written. You can only use 100 words not including the prompt when you are counting. It can be at the beginning, middle or end of your writing piece.

Publish your story below using the prompt and the week number for the challenge you are entering.

If you do not have internet access at home, you will need to publish at school during the course of the week.

  • The link is open on Sunday through the following Saturday
  • Keep in mind you are writing for an audience
  • Other friends can read/comment on your writing and you may read/comment on other writers as well

3 thoughts on “100 WC

  1. 100 WORD CHALLENGE by Christian

    One day in the year 9999999999999 there was a super doper loud noise. It was so loud you could even hear it out of the milky way. witch people would have already explored by then. like a famous astronaut Jonathan Irons. who owns the company atlas it’s a lot like nasa anyway. the noise was hearable from anywhere in the galaxy. There was a little boy named Josh he had hearing aids and put them down to low so he couldn’t hear the noise suddenly he turned his hearing aids to normal then in the middle of the noise it went away [the noise i mean]…..


    1. Dear Cristian
      I found your story entertaining and I think it’s a lot of fun. If you had more than one hundred words I think the story would be a lot more funny and entertaining.

      From David

  2. On a dark and spooky night in London the souls were out and the death was out. There were five headless ghosts there names were Jeff,Bob,Fred,Wangwang and Funni.
    Life as a ghost is different I guess.
    As they were walking through the shopping mall while everyone else was running away from them because they were scared. The End

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