Blogging Guidelines

Our class blog allows us to share our learning with local and global communities. Sharing our learning through our class blog provides an excellent opportunity to educate students, parents and other readers on appropriate online behavior.

The following guidelines have been established to ensure the safety of our students when blogging.

  • When writing your blog or comment only use your first name. You may use your initial for your surname but never a full name.

  • Your address, phone number,email address, date of birth and other personal information should never be included on a blog.

  • All comments will be checked and approved by Mrs Baldwin before they are officially published on a blog.

  • Parents who wish to make a comment on a blog are encouraged to use their first name only to protect the identity of their child. For example after a comment you should write  “Mary – Michael’s Mum.”

  • When commenting make sure you are respectful, polite and that your comment will not hurt someone’s feelings or offend anyone.

  • All images, videos, music and other peoples work must only be published by following the copyright laws and including attribution to the original owner.

  • All comments on blogs must be proof read first for correct spelling and punctuation such as capital letters, full stops. Always ask for help from an adult to double check your work.

  • Students first names, photos and work may be published on our blog. Any photos published will be anonymous and have no names attached to them.

Please Remember…..

All students are required to complete the permission form which includes the above guidelines before any student is able to publish on a blog.

We would also like to thank  4KM and 4KJ @ Leopold Primary School for giving us great guidelines and starting point to begin our blogging experience.

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  1. dear miss baldwin i love year 4 and i love kevin i think he is cute i find that i love maths science english writing hand writing spelling fun because you get to have a try and its good to try something new each year or term

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