Number Patterns

Numbers can make many interesting patterns. We have been learning about all different number patterns over the past week and how to recognise the rule for each one.

The main type of number patterns we have been looking at are

Arithmetic Sequences

This is where the same number is added or subtracted each time

For example:


The rule = +3

This is because the numbers are increasing by 3 every time.

89, 82,76, 70, 64, 58…

The rule =  -6

This is because the numbers are decreasing by 6 every time.

Here is a video to help explain number patterns. It also shows an explain of when in the real world you could use number patterns to solve a problem.


You can also click on the Mathopolis link to see if you can answer some questions! Click HERE.

For those who require an extra challenge we have also looked at number patterns with 2 arithmetic sequences in the one pattern.

For example

8, 17, 35, 71, 143…

The rule = x 2, +1

This requires some more problem solving as there are two problems to solve in the pattern.

During class we played a game called ‘Guess my Rule’. This involved us working in small groups and sharing out some cards with some number pattern rules already written on them. Each person had to list in each others books the number patterns that match the rules. Once this was done we would give the books back and we would have to find and match the number pattern that someone else in our group created with the rule.

IMG_5470 IMG_5471 IMG_5472 IMG_5473 IMG_5474



What did you enjoy the most about this activity and why?

What did you find challenging?

Can you share a strategy you used to solve the number patterns?

Can you think of an example in the real world when you might need to use number patterns to help you solve a problem?



One thought on “Number Patterns

  1. Dear Mrs Baldwin what I thought was challenging was when you had to choose which square matched with the numbers and what I enjoyed was finding out what numer goes next for the number patterns.
    from Piper

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