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12 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Hello, we would like to connect with another grade 4 class from around the world. We are a grade 4 class in Ontario, Canada. We are new to blogging, but would like to share learnings and ideas. What do you think?

    Mrs. CDR
    Discovery P.S.
    Ontario, Canada

    1. Dear Mrs CDR
      We would love to connect with your class in Canada. This would be a fantastic leaning experience for all of us!
      From Mrs Baldwin

    2. Hi! I am looking a class to connect with my class. We are from Honduras, and currently in grade 5. I invite you to share experiences and more with us.

      1. Hi Sophie,
        We are keen to connect with a class this year. As you can see on our blog we are a year 4 class and are about to begin using the blog more frequently. Let us know what you think!

  2. Hi there!
    I think your Teaching Charts of Consonant Sounds and Vowel sounds are the best I have seen. I have been searching for one for a while now. I would love to get a copy of them if possible. I tried to print from this site but they were too small.
    Thank you.
    Heather Martin

  3. Dear miss boldwin
    I like the idea of the iPads is because it has helped me lean and mack’s it Easyer to lean

  4. Dear MRS Baldwin
    I am looking forward to doing hardened challenge this year in maths.
    Because I like maths and I want to be better than my dad.

    Getting to see friends in the other class next to us.

    A sliding wall like in miss semearms and miss harkens class room.
    From ky.

  5. Dear miss Baldwin
    1. I’am looking forward to handwringing because I can get my pen licence
    2. What do you like the best about and why get in rid of the wall because it is the thing that freed the room up
    3. I would like to have a big long couch in the brake out space so people can relax and be carm

  6. Dear mrs Baldwin

    In this class room. I would like to have low tables. To put our devices on and to do small partner work.
    I like that we have a large space to do our work. And that we always do maths.
    This year I am looking ford to camp. Because I did not go last. So I want to see what it is like.
    From Luca

  7. Dear Mrs Baldwin
    1. My three words are boy word and thing
    Boy 2 word 3 thing 3

    2. I think sounds help you in spelling to remember the words. Like thing th I ng.

    3. The most challenging part in spelling is the number 6 it is closer to the challenge.

  8. dear mrs baldwin.

    what i found challenging about this task was changing the dgre because it would move were i want it to go.

    i enjoyed the sphere was the tossing bit.

    toss catch is do the play of it then toss to player next to you.

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