Tin Foil Art for our Art Gallery

Our class have really enjoyed our latest Art activity involving tin foil. To begin with Mrs Baldwin gave us a plastic sheet and we had to draw a design using textas. We then used string and glue to stick the string along all the lines.

Once they were dry we then stuck aluminium foil over the top of our designs. We had to carefully smooth the foil over our pictures. The string left a bump to divide the sections of tin foil. Finally we used permanent markers to colour in our designs.

Mrs. Baldwin remembers doing this as a kid at school and like us, she had a lot of fun making them! They look MAGNIFICENT! We have already had a lot of comments from other visitors in our room and how clever the designs are.

Early in December our school is holding an Art Gallery for Grandparents Day. Our art along with every other classes in the school will be displayed. Below is some more information about the day! We hope to see you there!

What did you like the most about this art activity?

What did you design and why?

What type of art activity do you think we will do next?

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