Swimming Lessons 2017

During Week 2 all Year 4 classes participated in swimming lessons at the Adelaide Aquatic Swimming Centre. Swimming is part of the curriculum and is another way we can be active whilst learning about water safety. The skills we developed were:

  • Water confidence
  • Survival in the water
  • Swimming technique
  • Rescue of others
  • Water safety
  • Endurance and fitness

We were placed in small groups that matched our swimming ability and for an hour and a half each day we worked with our instructors to develop our swimming skills and knowledge.

On Friday we were able to try out the water slides. This was a great way to finish a big week in the pool!

Below is a video about swimming safely in the pool and ocean.

Below is a video from BTN in 2012 talking about reasons why Swimming in Schools should be compulsory.

Swim and Survive that has some wonderful information about water safety along with some interactive games and activities that relate to swimming safely in pools and the ocean. You can check it all out HERE . You can find the games section under the Kids Zone menu!

What was one skill you learnt during swimming lessons this week?

What did you enjoy most about the lessons?

Why do you think learning about water safety is important for both adults and children?

2 thoughts on “Swimming Lessons 2017

  1. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    I really liked the side stroke because it was really challenging to do and I really like challenges.I lied how we got to go on the slides because I had a blast on their and swimming against a current.To never swim against a current and not to panic in the water.

    From Max

  2. Dear miss Baldwin

    I learnt the sidestroke
    In enjoyed the waterslides the most
    So they don’t drown and have a watery garve

    From Jon

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