Photo Art and Craft!

Our latest art project has involved using craft materials and our imagination!

Our task was to choose a background to create using different craft materials. We could use anything from straws, pipe cleaners, cotton wool buds, crepe paper, lipsticks, coloured paper and loads more!!

This was a lot of fun. We had to think carefully how we were going to design our background and more importantly how we were going to position ourselves in the picture. Some of us decided on a beach theme, others decided on a sport theme or some even decided to do some singing on a stage!

Once the background was finished we brought in some clothing to change into and posed in an action shot.

Check out our final art pieces here!!


What did you enjoy the most about this art activity?

What made you choose the theme for your art?

26 thoughts on “Photo Art and Craft!

  1. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    I enjoyed making my poster out of Art and creating a beach.

    The reason i choose to do a beach is because i live across the road from a beach so i know what it looks like and it is my favourite place to go.

    From Matilda🦁

  2. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    What I liked about the art is that we had to do no drawing we had to make every thing!!
    My theme was the beach!!
    Why I choose my theme was because I live near the beach and i love it!!

    From Jordan👧🏻😹

    1. Dear jordy

      Your poster was excellent! I loved it all And I also I had fun making it too and we both worked together and got great ideas

      Goodbye from your BFF tillster

  3. Dear Miss Baldwin,
    What I enjoyed the most about the activity was that we got to create our backgrounds and choose our outfits.

    I chose under the sea because the sea is near the school and we went with our cat buddys to the beach in term 1.

    From Constantina

    1. Dear Constantina I agree with you because I liked dressing up instead of just drawing a picture of ourselves and In conclusion I agree with you 100 percent
      From Tommy

    2. Dear constantina,

      That was a very good idea to do and once I saw urs I though the narwhals were very cute.and the good thing is that it related to something u done well done.

      From Tilly (=^‥^=)

  4. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    The thing I enjoyed the most was that we got to use materials in our art because i have never done it before.

    The reason I chose my theme was because since were at school I chose to do a school related one.

  5. dear mrs.b

    i enjoyed that we could bring your own costumes to school

    i chose spider man because it’s one of my only costumes

    from jon

  6. Dear Mrs Baldwin,

    i enjoyed the final results because i think the all look fantastic.

    well i did Pokemon because i like Pokemon a lot

    From Zac😎

  7. dear Mrs Baldwin,

    my favourite part about the art was that we got to pick our own theme and we could be as creative as we like. I decided to choose the beach theme because i like the beach and because i can put lots of detail.

    I loved doing the art so much and hope to do it again soon

    from Tilly

  8. Dear mrs Baldwing what i enjoyed was that we could make our own picture’s mine was that i made a soccer filed and i dressed liana and celebrated i really enjoy
    it and looking t other peoples work

  9. Dear Ms baldwin the thing i enjoyed most about art is that we got to dress up. The theme i chooses was Basketball i choose Basketball because i love playing basketball.

    From Tommy

  10. Dear Josh,
    I like how we got to work together and what was you favourite part of the activity and why.What made me choose this picture was that I want to explore What it is like in the desert but in my imagination what made the theme of your art?.

    By Max

  11. Dear miss Baldwin
    what i loved ed about the art is that is we cold bring the clods in you miss Baldwin got to tack a photo of us when we where posing and it was a fun activity i loved it

    From Amelia

  12. Dear mrs Baldwin,

    I enjoyed the most is doing the poses.

    It made me choose the art theme because I love SUPERCARS!!!!!!!!!

    From Harrison.

  13. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    what i enjoyed the most was bringing the costumes in because we got to dress up and it was fun. I have read books with jungles and that is what made me choose the theme.

    From Ruby.

  14. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    The most enjoyable bit for me was when James G asked if I needed help because I was never going to finish on time. The thing that brought the idea to me was were I live because I play soccer near the lake a lot and seeing the bridge.

    From James M😃

  15. Dear mrs baldwin, I enjoyed bringing my own clothes to finish of the picture.

    because soccer is now my second favorite.

    1. Dear Troy,

      I liked bringing our own clothes but I don’t like soccer

      From Zac🙅🏼‍♂️🙅🏼‍♂️🙅🏼‍♂️🙅🏼‍♂️🙅🏼‍♂️

  16. Dear mrs baldwin

    what i liked the most about the art activity was to make the background because you can make the background what you want so your photo of your self on your background and then it looks good with the background.

    From Jazzmin

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