Camp Illawonga 2017

From Wednesday – Friday of Week 3 Room 10 and Room 11 went to Camp Illawonga at Swan Reach.

Below is a map of where Swan Reach is and also how close the campsite is to the Murrey River.

It was an action packed camp with so many activities to do and new information to learn about.

Below are just some of the many activities we participated in:

A boat ride along the Murray to view the ‘Big Bend.’ We also learnt about some of the bird life found along the Murray and how they survive in the wild. We also learnt about how the Murray River cliffs were formed.

We visited an almond farm where we got to see up close all the machinery that is used to harvest the trees. We then had an opportunity to visit a yabby farm and learn about the nets that are used to catch the yabbies, what they eat, how they reproduce and why they are important to the Murray River. Some of us had an opportunity to hold a yabby and also fish for some as well. This was a lot harder than we first thought because it was about being patient and using the correct technique so they wouldn’t fall off the bait while we were trying to bring them in.

At the camp site there was a large gymnasium with a foam pit. We all had a turn on the different pieces of equipment which was loads of fun!

A safari and treasure hunt around the open area. We saw an old house that belonged to the owners family many years ago. We also got to look for some fossils and study and the different vegetation and animal life that was around the area.

We also had an opportunity to visit the Punyelroo Cave which was hidden near some bushes near the river. It was a deep cave and quite narrow in some parts which was fun for us but challenging for the adults! We found many different types of fossils and we all were able to take one home to keep!

At night we did get some rain but that didn’t stop us from having a camp fire and toasting some marshmallows. We also did some Karokee which was a lot of fun. It was great to see everyone joining in and its of people being brave and singing a song in front of everyone.

We also visited Sunnydale Farm where we saw demonstrations of shearing, an introduction to sheep breeds and a sheep race. There was also the chance to try out outback activities such as whip-cracking and colonial bush-games.

We even tried some archery!!

We all had a FANTASTIC time on the camp. It was a great way to experience new things, learn about the environment and develop new  as well as build on existing friendships.

What did you enjoy the most about camp and why?

Can you write about something that you learnt about the environment while on camp

Why do you think the Murray River is so important for South Australia?

26 thoughts on “Camp Illawonga 2017

  1. dear Mrs B,

    i enjoyed the boat tour because it was epic!!!!!!!!

    i learnt that are droughts good for rivers

    because it’s a water source for the hills

    from jonathan

    1. To johny,
      I believe you are right and encourage you to keep learning so keep reading and juvgkrd
      be really smart🤓.

      from Will.

  2. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    What i enjoyed the most was caving because i have never been caving before i also liked the gymnasium because i love gymnastics.

    What i learnt about the invourment was not to drop your rubbish on the ground and look after the trees and not cut them down.

    The Murray River is important because it has been around for so long and it has still been there threw all the floods.

    From Matilda🦁

    1. Dear Matilda,
      I truly believe that you should not throw your rubbish on the ground and that The Murray River is very important because it has lasted through all the floods.

      Also enjoyed going caving and to the gym.

      From Your BFF Constantina

  3. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    What I enjoyed the most about camp was the sheep shed .

    Learnt that willow trees were bad for the river and Mark had to cut them.

    Because Farmers pump a lot of water out of it and Mark’s farm pumps 50 mega liters and you can sell water to other people🤑.

  4. Dear Miss Baldwin,
    What I enjoyed the most about camp was caving because we got to look for fossils and roasting the marshmallows because they were deliciouses also that Buddy and Misty were there.

    That lots of different bees had to come the almond tree for the almonds to grow.

    Because the water is fresh and we get water from there.

    From Constantina.

  5. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    I enjoyed the most about camp was the Gym because I was able to do the uneven bars. I learnt that the murray river is more than 100 m long. I think it is so important because it is the biggest.


    1. Hi Jorja,
      i liked gym to because we had lots of fun playing games also i learnt that there is a type of bird living on big ben but i can’t remember what it is called.

  6. Dear Mrs Baldwin
    The thing i enjoyed the most was when we went on the boat rides because they were really fun and fast.

    The thing i learnt was that fossils take millions of years to form and animals were covered by sand to form a fossil in millions of years time.

    The reason why the Murray River is important because when the water rises its lot more easier for fish to eat.

  7. Dear Mrs Baldwin,

    What i enjoyed the most about camp was the Gym.

    I learnt that caving is not as scary as i thought it was.

    I think the Murray river is so important because the creatures that live in the Murray.

    from Zac

  8. Dear Mrs Baldwin,

    my favourite part about camp was the dogs Buddy & Misty they came on adventures and boat trips with us. i learnt that the environment can change very quickly if you search around because while i was there we went all different plant life where this vines dirt roads and excellent playing areas. The Murray river is very important to Australia because some parts are really dry and not only do we need the water but all the birds and animals. so its very important to take care of the murray river.

    thank you for reading from Tilly

  9. Dear Mrs Bladwin,
    At camp I enjoyed the most the activities.

    That a hawk has its own rock and its their territory.

    Because it helps lots of animals survive.

    Regards Chloe

  10. Dear Ms baldwin the thing i liked about camp was going in the caves and finding fossils and karaoke night and the sheep show. i learnt that the Murray River is very important for
    South Australia.

    from Tommy

  11. Dear mrs Baldwin,
    I enjoyed the most was the caving because i haven’t gone camping before.
    What i learnt about the environment was to never litter [not to drop rubbish].
    The reason why the Murray river is so important its been a long time its been there.
    From Laksmon

  12. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    I enjoyed the gym because I like playing in the foam pit because it i really soft and also we got to go on the equipment there. I learnt that 1 mega litre of water can be not much water for people who do work in the field. Well I think the Murray river is important to South Australia that it has been around for thousands of years and it is nice environment for creatures and that they want to keep it because it is a very nicer river.

    From Max

  13. Dear Miss Baldwin

    At camp i enjoyed the bon fire because i like toasting marshmallows.

    I learnt that the Murray River cod can have 1000 babies a year.

    Murray River is important because it helps animals lives.
    from lara

  14. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    I enjoyed everything at camp because all of it is very fun and there were a lot of activities to do. What i learnt about the environment is that if there is a wombat burrow they leave if there is a road but they don’t close up there burrows.
    Because it is good for droughts and animals and water for showers.

    From Ruby.

  15. Dear mrs Baldwin,
    I enjoyed going to the caves because we got stuck and I got to complete all the challenges. I learn’t that it is very important that we don’t kill plants because then the animals wouldn’t have a home. The Murray River is important to SA because that is were a lot of our water comes from.
    From James M

  16. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    What i enjoyed the most about camp was Buddy and Misty because when I was bored I could throw around the ball to Buddy and Misty.

    I learned that yabbies can have over 1,000 babies.

    The murray river is important to South Australia because it’s a great place to have holiday at.

    From Troy

  17. Dear Mrs Baldwin
    What I enjoyed most about camp was caving because it was so exciting finding fossils, going through small holes and doing challenges.
    Something I learnt that was good for the environment was flood’s and droughts are good.
    The reason why the river murray is so important is there are endangered animals living there.
    From Tyla

  18. dear Jonathan , i believe you could find some info all you have to do is believen your self from Troy.😜😜

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