Sophia’s Gift!

Our class would like to share with you something special that one of our students is doing at the moment. Sophia has made a decision to raise funds for Cancer Council South Australia’s ‘Do it for Cancer‘ community fundraising program.

Sophia made this decision because she has unfortunately had some family members suffer from Cancer. She wants to make a difference and feels that people who a sufferers from Cancer need our help.

An estimated 128,000 new cases of Cancer will be diagnosed in Australia this year with that number set to rise to 150,000 by the year 2020. One in two people will be diagnosed with Cancer before the age of 85, however more than half of all Cancers can now be successfully treated, which is great news, but there is still so much more to be done!

Cancer Council is a community-focused charity that relies on the generosity of the community for funding. All fundraising contributes to world-class research, developing prevention programs and providing vital support services for Cancer patients and their families/carers.


Sophia is starting to collect sponsorship to cut her beautiful long hair so that she can raise money for the Cancer Council. Her hair will be donated to the Australia Alopecia Areata Foundation (AAAF). Her hair will be used to make a wig and will be a precious gift for a Cancer sufferer who is losing or lost their hair due to ongoing treatments.

Below is a picture of Sophia’s beautiful hair that she is growing for the donation.


Sophia  has made a video with the help of her brother. He will be interviewing Sophia and asking her questions about why she wants to donate to the cause and what the money will be going towards. Stay tuned for this video to air soon!

20161118 084224000 iOS from skye baldwin on Vimeo.

We are all so very proud of Sophia! This is such an amazingly, thoughtful and brave thing she is doing shaving her hair to raise money for what is such an important cause. Cancer is unfortunately a disease that touches many people’s families and friends, and this one special act of kindness will go a long way to helping someone in need.

Sophia has left a box in the classroom for any donations. She has also created a website where you can make online donations.

Click on Sophia’s website here to donate and read her message about why she is donating to this fantastic cause.

For more information about all the wonderful things that the Cancer Council Foundation does, check out their website here!

If you would like to leave a message for Sophia or ask her any questions please feel free to send through a post!

44 thoughts on “Sophia’s Gift!

  1. Dear Sophia,

    What an amazing thing you are doing to not only help out a little child who is in need of some hair, but also raising money for more research into cancer. I know you will beat your goal of $2,000!

    I am so very proud of you, as is everyone I tell about it. You have an enormous heart and always have a beautiful smile on your face.

    Love from Jen x

  2. Dear Sophia,

    Saving your hair bald is just so Amazing that anyone and everyone will appreciate it!
    It shows what an beautiful and big heart you have.

    love from Ava❤︎

  3. dear sophia,

    you are so brave and i am so proud of you with your big step to raise money for cancer council. i hope you get lots of donations from family and friends. to shave all your hair off is amazing and can be scary at times but just think how many people and kids you are helping in the community. a lot of people will appreciate what you are doing for them. you are so brave and i will be supporting you all the way.
    have a great journey with this big step.😊

    from Sophie 😘

  4. Dear sophia,

    I think that what you are doing is truly amazing and that little kid will probably be so grateful and I would to.
    you are so brave and I am so proud of you for taking this big leap and I am sure you will get lots of donations and I am sure you will reach your goal of $2,000.
    good luck sophia you are doing something great and we are all proud of you you have a special gift of kindness to anyone and everyone and I am sure you will do what it takes to reach your goal of $2,000.
    you are a amazing person and a amazing friend keep ip the good work.

    From Bridie


  5. Great job sophia we we all know that you will wreck your goal of $2000

    The whole class knows you are doing it for a great cause

  6. Dear Sophia AND miss Baldwin,

    I think this is an amazing thing to do!
    I am so, so proud of you Sophia!


  7. Dear Sophia,
    it is very amazing to do these things at such a young age and it is such a great thing to do so good luck in the future.

  8. Dear Sophia,
    What inspired you to raise money for cancer and shave your head?
    Are you cutting your hair, shaving some of your hair or shaving your whole head?
    Your so kind sophia and I hope the money you’ve raised helps the scientists find a cure for cancer.
    !!!GOOD LUCK!!!

    ❁❀❀From Tia❀❀❁

  9. dear sophia how does it feel about shaving your hair off but you are helping so many people, even from the littlest piece of hair.
    You doing a great thing even I can’t think about doing that
    you are so so brave

  10. dear mrs baldwin/sophia
    I think it is very brave of you for going to cut your hair off.
    also are you going to cut very little bit of it and you are a really nice person.

  11. Dear Sophia,

    I hope you help all the people with a case of cancer I bet you could raise 💸10000$💰 if You tried enough!

    Good Luck Hudson🤓

  12. Dear Sophia,
    What you are doing is amazing and I would never ever do that in a million years. I am sure that you will get $4,000 . You will always be my friend bald or not.

    if I needed a wig I would be more than happy to receive your hair. Your smile will light your way to victory and your wonderful personality will make everyone smile.

    Regards, Alicia

  13. Hi Sophia
    What an inspiring young lady. Your dedication to this fundraising has been extraodinary. You have given it your all and i hope you reach your bigger target of $4000..Im sure you will.

    What a beautiful idea, and an amazing thing your doing for others..what a big heart…. i’m sure that will follow on in life…

    Luv Mum (Paula)

  14. Dear sophia

    hi sophia do you know any of the cancers you can get and how much wigs could you make from your hair

    regards Finn🤑

  15. Dear Sophia,

    we all agree that doing this is so amazing that every kid that is suffering cancer will appreciate it.
    cancer is such a big problem and I totally agree with you that every cent counts!
    best of luck,

    your friend Ava🦄🎗💕♥︎❤︎

  16. Dear Sophia,

    i hope you enjoy helping the community in a way that the kids and people will thank you.
    you are so brave to do this .

    love Sophie 😘

  17. HI Sophia
    I loved the video it was really funny and you gave some very interesting replies. I really hope all goes well for all of you friends and family that have been efected by cancer. I think you are doing an amazing thing and I hope all you hair makes some wonderful wigs. When will you be shaving you head and will you com to school with a shaved head? Will you be wearing a wig or will you be having a fully exposed head? I really hope you help find a cure for cancer . I can’t believe your shaving all you beautiful hair and all for cancer. You are very brave and I believe in finding a cure for cancer.

  18. thank you very much
    i am doing it on the 15 of December so on the thursday and on the last day of school i will come back with a saved head

  19. dear sophia
    are you going to were a bene when your he’d gets cold and do you think you will a different person.

  20. Dear Sophia

    Well done Sophia on your success you are so kind to do this.
    Hope that you raise lots of money and smash your target even more.

    From Emily😇

  21. Sophia, I saw your donation box a few months ago. I also watched your news segment tonight. You’re such an amazing person and I wish you all the best. You’ should be so proud of what you’re doing. You are so, so, so brave!

  22. Dear Sophia,
    This is Mrs. CDR from Toronto, Canada. What an inspiration you are. I have also had a close member of my family deal with cancer. By cutting your hair, it shows how children can make a difference too. Keep on going and good luck with raising money !

  23. We are so very proud of our grand daughter Sophia. She is such a caring thoughtful person. She is doing this for the support of kids with cancer …. Her hair will help some other child have a wig and be able to feel happier in their battle to fight their own personal illness….and the money raised will hopefully one day help find a cure for this disease which sadly has hurt many families.
    Nanny and Poppy

  24. Hi Sophie,
    I must say it is a very courageous act to give a personal gift for those in need. The good thing for you is by the time I see you again your hair will have returned. So nothing permanent, unlike some sufferers of cancers at times they do. Congratulations on your efforts I hope the school has supported your cause. I have put my donation in the class box for you. I did see your clip that was funny with Sebastian interviewing you, maybe he is a star in the making, cos you already are. You go girl.
    Much love Ellen

  25. How beautifully said Alicia. You are an amazing young girl Sophia and so brave. You are beautiful with or without your hair and doing something so important.
    I admire your selflessness and determination.
    Will be thinking of you next Thursday even though I won’t be at school.

    Best wishes for your future,
    Ms Wendy

  26. Hi Sophia,
    It is amazing how you shaved your hair on Thursday am am really proud.
    Keep up the good work!😀

    From Angela

  27. Dear Sophia,
    This is Mrs. CDR from Toronto, Canada. My dad was affected by cancer and he is now recovering. It’s a very difficult for patients and families to see loved ones suffer from this terrible disease. I’m so proud of your decision to help raise money and donate your hair. Best wishes in reaching all of your goals!

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