Fathers Day 2016

On the first Sunday of September each year our country celebrates Fathers Day.

There are many different theories on how Fathers Day began with some people believing it is a very old tradition whilst others believe that it’s not even a hundred years old!

Scholars believe that the origin of Fathers Day can be traced back to the ruins of Babylon where a young boy called Elmesu carved a Fathers Day message on a card made out of clay nearly 4,000 years ago. Elmesu wished his Babylonian father good health and a long life.

The modern version of Fathers Day celebration originated in America by a woman named Ms Sonora Louise Smart Dodd. She saw how Mothers Day began first and thought it was only fair that we have a day to celebrate all the Fathers around the world. The first Fathers Day was celebrated on June 19, 1910.

To celebrate Fathers Day our class watched an origami video on how to make a shirt and tie card. The video is below if you would like to make one of your own!

This was a challenge for us, including Mrs Baldwin but everyone did an outstanding job! We also wrote a message inside thanking our Dad’s for being awesome!



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We hope all Father’s had a wonderful day!

What did you do to celebrate Father’s Day?

What makes your dad so special to you?

12 thoughts on “Fathers Day 2016

  1. dear Mrs Baldwin,

    we went for a bike ride to glelg beach and ice cream at cold rock thats what we did to celebrate fathers day.

    my dad is special to me because he supports me through sport and many many things hard or easy

    from Sophie

  2. hello mrs Baldwin,

    well my dad had to leave to New Caledonia half way through the day so
    we went to the stage show ‘the sound of music’ with was really really fun!
    my dad is special to me because he tort me heaps of things and is still now!
    he is fun and more fun!!!

  3. Dear Mrs Baldwin,

    We celebrated Fathers by going to the park with our family for a picnic and having pancakes for desert.
    My dad id special to me because he takes care of me he loves me and he takes me to swimming when it is needed that is why I love my dad so much.

  4. dear ms b ,

    to celebrate fathers day i slipped at my pops house on Saturday and left on Sunday so i could go see dad and we went out for dinner and spent over $100

    my dad is special to me because he helps me no matter what .


  5. 1 we went to the bom bay bicycle club

    2 he is my hero we he was 18 he had cancer but he kept fighting and got 3 rib removed

  6. Dear Ms Baldwin,

    We Went to my dads favourite ice cream place. My dad is special to me because he does everything with me and kisses me when I go to bed.

    From Dylan

  7. Hi Mrs Baldwin
    How we celebrate by seeing all my family but first we opened up some present he loved all of tham!!
    He is special to me because he very funny and loving but very and he tells jokes that my brother gets but I don’t get he’s jokes but I gust laugh!! πŸ˜„
    So he is very important to me!

    From Sophia 😊

  8. dear mrs baldwin,
    we haven’t celebrated fathers day yet because my dad is at workπŸ™„
    he s loving and kind😍 and i love him back.

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