Tin Foil Art

Our class have really enjoyed our latest Art activity involving tin foil. To begin with Mrs Baldwin gave us a plastic sheet and we had to draw a design using lead pencil. We then used string and glue to stick the string along all the lines.

IMG_9792 IMG_9793 IMG_9794 IMG_9795 IMG_9797 IMG_9798 IMG_9799

Once they were dry we then stuck aluminium foil over the top of our designs. We had to carefully smooth the foil over our pictures. The string left a bump to divide the sections of tin foil. Finally we used permanent markers to colour in our designs.

IMG_9852 IMG_9850 IMG_9849 IMG_9847 IMG_9818 IMG_9816 IMG_9815

Mrs. Baldwin remembers doing this as a kid at school and like us, she had a lot of fun making them! They look MAGNIFICENT! We have already had a lot of comments from other visitors in our room and how clever the designs are.

IMG_9863 IMG_9862 IMG_9861


What did you like the most about this art activity?

What did you design and why?

What type of art activity do you think we will do next?

20 thoughts on “Tin Foil Art

  1. Hi we are from Mscdrs class. We really like your tin foil art. The tin foil art is very interesting and creative. I would like to try out the tin foil art it seems fun. You could be very creative with it. I wonder how long it took to make these art pieces it must have took a lot of time and effort to make them, Can you use pastels and normal types of writing utensels, such as markers and pencil crayons. Foil art is amazing.

  2. Tin foil is a nice thing, I like to use it to make projects and art.I think the tin foil art are very nice and artistic.

  3. This is amazing art, we also like tin foil. Last year I also did tin foil art. Doing tin foil art is very fun and very colourful. we hope you also enjoy doing it also I# think this art was amazing.I love tin foil art it is like stain glass art its amazing.

  4. Hi we are from Mrs,cdr class. I love that art. These look awesome . Its fun that they’re all different. If they were all the same it would be boring.They look so beautiful and nice, your class worked so hard and turned out so nice went you use your growth mindset you can do anything!

    1. Hi I’m from miss baldwins class thank you for all the wonderful comments and it was only a bit hard the hardest part of it was the putting the string down and
      getting it in the right shape
      and then putting the
      foil on top .😀

  5. Hi i am from Mrs cdr’s class an I think that the tin foil art is very cool because when you try to do anything with foil it breaks. so it is amazing that you made art out of foil I am guessing that it broke lots of times but you probably kept on trying.

  6. We think that this tin foil art was very cool and very artistic because we haven’t ever seen art with tin foil before. Its cool and its just WOW. Everything you did looks amazing the birds,smile signs and other stuff.

  7. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    i liked where i was glueing and sticking the string on.
    I just did swirls because that was the first thing that came from the top of my head.

  8. Dear mrs Baldwin
    I most liked colouring in .
    I did my design because I wanted something different.

    From Emily

  9. Yak sha mash miss Baldwin

    My favourite part of the art activity was colouring in because you got to be creative.

    I designed flowers I designed that because I saw it as an example on the internet and I thought that it looked cooled.

    I think that we should A picture about our life because that will be cool.

    Regard Alicia

  10. Hi ms baldwin
    The thing I liked about this activity was colouring in because you could chose all different colours to make it look bright. I designed the word smile in a fancy font because it made me think of all the times when I smiled. I think we should do an art activity that has patterns and lots of colour but I don’t know exactly what we should do.

    From Tia

  11. Dear Mrs Baldwin,

    I liked putting the string on the peace paper because you got to get your hands sticky & pick all the glue off your hands,

    I designed squiggly lines because I like worms & there squiggly,

    I want to do worm art because they are my favourite insect & I like squishy.

    From Tarj 😄

  12. I like tinfoil art it is very very very colorful, Also, it is very beautiful. It is fun to make tinfoil art because all you need is tinfoil and some paint ,and you will have beautiful art.

  13. Hi I’m from mrs.CDRs class.I think your tin foil art looks beautiful!I think your class did it, because using growth mindset you can do anything!

  14. I really like your tin foil art, its really creative because out of anything you could use, you used tin foil. All those pictures like the smiley faces, the birds and the boats are really creative.

  15. The tin foil art is pretty cool. I wish we could also do it in our class because it looks so fun. Im going to ask mrs.cdr if we can .I wonder if you can paint the tin foil.

  16. Hello Ms Baldwin,

    Colouring it and painting invisible lines with glue.

    I designed an owl it looks pretty good!.

    Just drawing i think YAY 🙂

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