Mother’s Day 2016

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful Mum’s around the world!

The celebration of Mother’s Day began in America in 1908 and was created by a lady named Anna Jarvis. She wanted a day where people could honor their Mother’s, and from there countries like Australia followed in their footsteps.

Throughout the week our class made glass vases out of jars. Early in the week everyone bought in a photo of their family. We then used glue to stick the photo on the front of our jars. We then used paint to paint the rest of the jar. We also created paper bouquets to place inside the jars and a small card that we attached to our vases. Everyone tried super hard and really thought about what our mum’s favourite colour would be to paint the jar. We hope the Mother’s in Room 10 love their glass vase and small card.

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mothers day 2

We hope that all the special Mother’s out there feel appreciated and loved today and every other day of the year!

mothers day 1

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Why is your Mother so special to you?

How did you celebrate Mother’s Day this year?

25 thoughts on “Mother’s Day 2016

  1. Good evening Mrs Baldwin,

    Thank you for helping the kids make lovely presents for their mums.

    I was very lucky and got breakfast in bed, plus had a lovely dinner at my mums place.

    I hope all the mums out there had a great day!

    Jenny, Alicia’s mum

  2. Hello,
    what pretty vases! This year, our class made special ceramic square plates with messages on the front. We had a nice day by planting some flowers, getting our garden reading and having a nice cup of coffee with cake!

    Mrs. CDR

  3. Dear Mrs. Baldwin
    My mother is special to me because she helps me and gives me hugs and kisses as well.
    When I was going to celebrate I had to go to the football and play a game so I can’t celebrate Mother’s Day.

    From Steven

  4. Dear Mrs. Baldwin,

    My mum is special to me because she always cooks for me.
    I calabrated Mother’s Day by giving my mum breakfast on bed with all the gifts in a plate.
    From Amani

  5. Dear mrs Baldwin,
    My mum is so special to me because of what she does plus she is nice and kind in most every way and every day.
    I don’t think that I have celebrated Mother’s Day like this one.It was awesome but I was a little bit not feeling Mother’s Day .

    Please reply back Ambah !

  6. To mrs Baldwin my mum is so special because……
    She helps me with my washing and lots of other things!!
    I love for who she is 😍😘

  7. Dear Mrs Baldwin
    My mum is special to me because she made me healthy and happy.
    We celebrated Mother’s Day in the evening because mum when ton a whalk in the morning and I was at a soccer game. After we gave my mum her parents and she loved them. Next we went to the medieval fetvel at lunch time and stayed there for two hours.
    We had lots of fun and I want to do it again and again.

  8. I celebrate Mother’s Day by going at for dinner
    With my mum brother and nanna poppa and uncle Aunty
    It was fun😀

  9. Dear Mrs Baldwin,

    Mother’s Day is Special to me because I get to spend more time with my mum,

    I Celebrated Mother’s Day by going to the Mother’s Day walk & I had lunch at my grandmas house.
    From Tarj

  10. Dear Mrs Baldwin

    My mum is so special to me because she helps me around the house and brings me to all of my sports after school but I love her cooking.

    This year we celebrated Mother’s Day by having my mums side of the family over for brunch and it was very injoyable.

    Kind Regards from Sergio.

  11. Dear Mrs Baldwin

    My mum is special to me because she pushes me and also does nearly every thing ❤️👌.
    My family including grandma and grandpa went to hav brunch at that Exeter

  12. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    My Mother is so special to me because she is super kind and caring and loves me from head to toe, well that is what I know anyway.

    We celebrated Mothers Day this year by giving Mum breakfast in bed with a cup of tea. At lunch time we went to my Grandmas house and Dad made us egg and bacon pie. When we got home we all played board games and had nibbles for dinner.


  13. Hi Mrs Baldwin,

    My mother is special to me for everything since I was born to now.
    She dose lots of things like cook dinner, and clean.

    This year we didn’t really celebrate, but we did work on our new house ready to move back in.

    Ava 😀

  14. Dear Mrs Baldwin
    My Mum is special to me because she is always there for me.
    We celebrated Mother’s Day by going to church.

    From Emily🤓

  15. Sup Mrs. Baldwin

    I thought the Mother’s Day base was very smart and my mum loves it from yours truly connor

  16. dear mrs baldwin

    I love😍 my mum because she loves me lots and because she cooks delicious pizza 🍕

    we went to a buffet for mothers day 🍟🍰🍞🧀🍕🍗🍖🍦🎂

    from james😎 😉 😀 🤖👽

  17. Sup Mrs. Baldwin

    For Mother’s Day this year we stayed home 😱😨😰😯😦 sadly

    My Mum is special because she is awesome😎😎😎😎😎😋 and looks after me 😜😝😛🤑 peace out from Keiren

  18. my mum is special to me because she is the one who made me!
    for mothers day Oliver my brother and i made mum her breakfast in bed! and for lunch went to the findon hotel!

  19. Dear mrs baldwin,
    My family celebrated mothers daybed having breakfast at the semaphore surf life saving could. I Enjoyed this because we all got to have a something special like pancakes with ice cream. My mums special because she always makes my lunch and helps me when i need it. My mum also works and still manages to care for me and my siblings. my mum loved her present and loved the idea of the of flowers. I had a great mothers day. One thing I would have liked is to ave had breakfast withy eldest brother because we don’t seem very much but he had other things he needed to do.

    From tia

  20. Dear Mrs Baldwin,

    my mum is special to me because she takes care of me when I am hurt or sick and she makes the house clean I always get new clothes and she is always so nice to me thats why I love my mum.
    On Mothers Day we went to my Nan’s place for lunch.
    From Bridie

  21. On mothers day i gave my mom a tile that had a note and a pink pen even though she likes purple better. I also let my mom to relax and i cleaned the house for her. I love my mom she is cool/awesome.

  22. HI Mrs. Baldwin,
    My name is Riley and I’m 10 turning 11. I love how you explained how well your class worked on this project. Visit my blog, Adventures With Riley, you can see my blog from the class blog

    Truly yours,
    Riley A. Clayton.

  23. Dear Mrs Baldwin I’m from Mrs cdr blog my mom is special because she takes care of me and brought me into this world she cooks for me and cleans my clothes and dose every thing for me and most of all she loves me

  24. Dear miss baldwin,

    my mother day was good we went to my great nanas house and mum made her first platter
    from Laila 😀

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