19 thoughts on “Quick Quote Friday #27

  1. Hello Mrs. Baldwin’s class! We work on accepting that it’s ok to make mistakes everyday. It’s how we handle them that makes a difference. As a teacher, I’ve made mistakes such as writing the wrong year on the whiteboard! We’ve learned that sometimes mistakes make us feel bad, but we keep on going!
    What a great idea to have quick quote Friday!!

    Mrs. CDRFantastic4s

  2. Dear Mrs Baldwin
    mistakes do make you work harder because you know what to do after when you done a mistake

    From Steven

  3. Dear ms Baldwin,

    I think that the quote is telling you that if you get something wrong you are trying hard to do your best.

    From Tarj

  4. Hi miss Baldwin
    I think that it means that If you try you won’t always get it right the first time you try it.

    What do you think miss Baldwin?

    Kind Regards

  5. hi Mrs Baldwin,

    i think it means you will not get it right the first tim you have to keep trying

    what do you think Mrs Baldwin

    kind regards

  6. To Mrs Baldwin I think. The quote means that it’s ok to make mistakes because, it’s a part of life.and you can learn from your mistakes
    From Laila

  7. Hi, my name is Anna. I am from Mrs.Di Rito’s class and its okay to make mistakes because you learn from them.

  8. It’s a good idea to learn from your mistake!Like how I made a mistake on the multiplication ,but I did it again and did it right and manage to be the first one done the work!

    From Mrs.CDR’s Class.

  9. Hi, I am Hiba from mrs. Dirito grade 4 class and it is good to make mistakes because we learn from our mistakes.

  10. This quote means that if you try, & try again and make mistakes, you know what NOT to do,so because you know what not to do,you can avoid the mistakes you done before and it makes us better at some thing and eventually reach our goal!

    Two students in MrsCDR’s class.

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