Building a Community in Room 10

During the first couple of weeks of the year we have been spending time developing and building relationships between one another. Although we have no new students to Grange in our class this year, some of us have not been in the same class with other students for a couple of years. Here are some activities we have undertaken over the first 2 weeks of school that have helped us share information about each other.

Room 10’s ‘app’ealing world

As a class we created our own “apps” for ipads that included information about ourselves.

We were given an ipad template and our task was to create 9 ‘apps’ that could help people learn more about ourselves. Some apps were:







We wrote down some interesting facts relating to each app that we created. We then had to create an icon to match each app. Our ipads are dislayed outside the classroom and we have enjoyed looking at each others apps and learning about each other.

 IMG_9201IMG_9204 IMG_9203

Living Museum

On Friday of week 1 we held a ‘living museum’ in our classroom. All the students spent the first week deciding on 5-6 items they could bring from home that best represented themselves. Everyone had to create labels which had some information about each item and why they are special to us. We also had to think about how we would display the items on our table space so that everybody could see what we bought in.  On the Friday before lunch, the living museum was open and everyone quietly walked around reading and viewing the displays. Mrs. Baldwin really enjoyed this activity and she learnt a lot about the students in her class. There are so many talented musicians and sports people in room 10 this year!

Maths Pennant

Everyone was given a maths pennant which had different questions that we had to answer about ourselves using different maths skills. The questions included:

  •  If a=1, b=2, c=3, and so on, what is the value of your name? Write the addition sentence and solve it.
  •  Use multiplication and addition to show how many days old you are.
  •  Measure your height. Write in two different ways.
  • Show how long it takes you to get to school using elapsed time and subtraction.
  • Is your age a prime or composite number?

This was a bit of a challenge particularly when we had to calculate how old we would be in days.

IMG_9200 IMG_9199 IMG_9198


Team Building Activity

This activity involved us working in groups of 4. Each group had 6 cups and a rubber band that had 4 pieces of string tied around it. We then had to work together to try and move the pile of cups to create a pyramid.  We were not allowed to touch the cups so this was quite a challenge but eventually we all managed to succeed. Once this was achieved our challenge was to then move the cups back into their starting positions.

This activity involved learning how to work in a group and helping each other to be successful. We discussed what qualities can make a good team member and what qualities perhaps hinders someone from being a good team member. As this year we will be doing a lot of group work in all areas of learning it is really important that we understand how we can work together successfully.

IMG_9111 IMG_9112 IMG_9113 IMG_9123 IMG_9117IMG_9114


All these activities reflect Grange Primary’s school values in some way.


Students shared some information about themselves which resembles their identity.


We have a very diverse bunch of students in room 10. People from different backgrounds and cultures have come together and formed our own family in the classroom with sharing, listening and learning interesting things about each other.


We have been building friendships and relationships in the classroom by getting to know each other and sharing information in a safe and trusting environment.


We respected each others property during the living museum. We also respect peoples different opinions and interests during sharing time about each other. Everybody is different and enjoys different hobbies, sports and other activities and it is wonderful that we can share these with each other.


We have all enjoyed getting to know each other over the past 2 weeks including Mrs Baldwin!


We look forward to continue to grow and learn about each other over the year and develop new and existing friendships between one another! Well done to Room 10 for being brave and sharing all these wonderful facts about each other!


What activity did you enjoy the most and why?

What was one thing you learnt about someone in the classroom?

49 thoughts on “Building a Community in Room 10

  1. My favourite activity was team cup and rubber band challenge.

    I found it very difficult to drop the cup especially the very top cup and sometimes when some people didn’t pull enough or not enough. The first 3 cups we did we kind of got into a rhythm but when we got to the top one it got very difficult and we couldn’t use that strategy. 😖

  2. I liked when we had to get in to groups and lifed the cups with strings. i learnt that abby dose dance lessons and that she is good at it to:}

  3. Cup stocking is hard but we got there in the end!
    it was awesome and amazing!
    and it was a challenge so I liked it because i like a challenge!

  4. Dear mrs baldwin
    the activity that i enjoyed the most is doing spelling it is grate for homework for everyone in the class and it keep’s everyone busy at home.

  5. Dear miss b: The thing i liked the most was the iPad 😎😎 it was awesome i loved the collaring in and the pictures it was epic

  6. Dear mrs Baldwin

    my favourite activity was the cup stacking because it was challenging witch made it fun.

    I lernt that David likes sudoko.

    From James

  7. Dear Mrs Baldwin

    My favourite activity was the cup stacking because I got to do it with my friend Steven and it was very tricky.

    I’ve learnt that Keiren likes to play basket-ball.

    1. Dear Keiren,

      REALLY what one. It must have been exiting for him super cool stuff,yeah?

      From Hudson. 🙂 🙂

  8. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    The hardest thing was the cups because it was confusing for where you had to put the cups.

    I learnt that if you work together you can accomplish lots of things. 😀
    I really enjoyed the i pad the most.😃

    From Tarj

  9. Howdy Mrs baldwin,
    I enjoyed the i pad the most because it was very creative and and enjoyable. It was also fun because you got to learn about the people in your class.

    I lernt that Tia likes pasta bake and cinnamon buns and her dad is building a new hose.

    kind Regards

  10. Dear Ms Baldwin,

    My favourite lesson was when we did our iPads it was fun learning about everybody’s favourite food and other things. I learnt that Ms baldwin uses class dojo 🙂

  11. Dear mrs baldwin,
    I liked all the active because they were all fun but my personal favourite was the cup stacking. I liked the cup stacking because it was fun and my group all got along and were all nice.

    I learnt that Bride likes mini bites because her taste buds like the flavour of mini bites. I also learnt that bride ha swimming lessons and is a good swimmer.

    Did you ever do any thing similar to what were doing now?
    From Tia

    1. Dear Tia
      To be honest I find it difficult to remember everything I did in primary school. I do know we used to do some “all about me” activities and games to get to know each other. It’s great to hear you learnt about others in the class from doing the activities!
      From mrs Baldwin

  12. Dear Mrs Baldiwin,

    My favourite activity was the cup tower because it was really fun to do as a team.

    Learnt that Sophie’s dog Tiger has finished puppy school.

    From Emily

  13. MY favourite activity was the group rubber band cup challenge .

    I found it a bit harder than I thought because people weren’t pulling enough or to much. We had a rhythm going but we couldn’t get the top cup on then we tried a different strategy. Teamwork is better than just doing it by your self

  14. Dear Mrs Boldwin

    My favourite activity was the cyber bulling because I liked the videos

    I learnt that you don’t need to be as good as the best person in your class

    Did you have technology in primary school

  15. Hi miss baldwin
    I really liked the cup tower thing it was challenging and fun at the same time. I really liked the part where we got to make our own custom tower

    From Finn 😀

  16. dear Mrs Baldwin,

    i enjoyed the cups and rubber band activity because i had a good group and it was a challenging task to do but it was fun. My favourite thing was the iPads

    love Sophie

  17. Dear mrs baldwin my favourite activity was stacking the cups because it was fun to be doing teamwork and fun to be thinking about how am I going to do that. that is why my favourite activity was stacking the cups.

  18. Hi mis baldwin

    I liked it when we did the iPads because the iPads had the awesome flaps and we got to colour them in what ever colour we wanted

    From Finn

  19. Dear Mrs Baldwin,

    What an awesome class we have this year!
    My favourite activity we did was
    the cup one. Our group had knocked over
    one cup and spent the hole time trying to
    pick it up!

    I lernt that Laila loves elephants!

    cheers ava

  20. dear mrs baldwin , my favourite activity was the cup and rubber band challenge it was hard at the start but then we cooperated and thats what made it easy i also thought that i had a pretty good group in my group i had Sophie,Keiren and Lachlan and myself from laila

  21. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    my favourite activity was the cups because it was a challenge but it was pretty fun my team was a great team even though we had five people but we shared the strings around thats my favourite thing.

  22. Dear mrs Baldwin
    My favourite game was the cup game I liked it because it was smart and it was fun. I learnt that Amani is a good friend

  23. my favourite activity was team rubber band cup challenge it was so fun
    watching people it was so funny

    from sophia

  24. I enjoyed doing growth mindset because you do good things you try new things and you say sloth like this I can do this I not going to give up. I learnt that Gianna liks playing soccer and she like bord gams.

  25. Hi miss baldwin
    I liked the cup towers as well because it was a good way to know people.
    I learn that Bride is good at working with people.

    Kind Regards

  26. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    I think it is important to have a growth mindset because you need to have confident to do whatever you want to achieve .

    What words or phrases can you say to yourself when you are stuck or make a mistake you can say I can do it or I will not give up.

    Can you give an example when you have made a mistake and never gave up until you succeeded? how did you feel? I felt nerves doing the naplan but I did it and I felt relieved.
    From Aarone

  27. Dear everyone,
    If you were in miss
    M’s/Medhurst you can talk to
    The class mates and miss M
    The website is called miss medhurst room 13!

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