Falling for Foreshortening Art

For our latest art project we learnt about the concept of foreshortening. Foreshortening is the optical illusion that occurs when a part of something moves from one part of space to another. 

For this project we traced our feet and hands on a paper. We had to work with a partner to help us with the tracing. It was very important to make sure both the hands and feet fitted onto the paper and were placed correctly onto the paper.

IMG_5741 IMG_5742 IMG_5743 IMG_5744

We then had to carefully create the print of our shoe sole onto our outline of each foot. Mrs Baldwin was very impressed with how everyone took their time with this and made sure that the patterns looked like the sole of a shoe. We then had to draw the main lines that we could see on both hands.

Finally, we drew our arms, legs, body and head to create the illusion that our body was further away then our feet and hands. The images all ended up looking like our bodies were falling toward the viewer.

Mrs Baldwin is blown away with how these art projects have turned out and everyone did a FANTASTIC job! They will be hanging around the room very soon for everyone to admire.

IMG_6294 IMG_6293 IMG_6292 IMG_6291 IMG_6290 IMG_6289 IMG_6288


What did you enjoy the most about this art project?

What did you find the most challenging and why?

Have you ever done an optical illusion art project before and if so what was it?

17 thoughts on “Falling for Foreshortening Art

  1. DearMrsBaldwin, the thing i enjoyed the most about the art project was drawing the hands and feet.

    Dear Mrs Baldwin, the thing i found most challenging about the art was colouring the background.

    Dear Mrs Baldwin i have never done a optical illusion art project but i have now. from Kain M

  2. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    I found it most challenging because I never finished it.
    One thing I enjoyed most was working on something I’ve never done before.

    From Jackson

  3. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    I enjoyed colouring the background and the shoes i especially ENJOYED the outlining of the shoes and hands and having to get it perfect.
    I thought the most challenging thing was tracing the hands and feet

  4. Dear Mrs Baldwin

    My favourite bit of the art project was doing the body and shoe grids.

    The thing that was most challenging thing was doing my partners foot outline.

    I have done an optical illusion before doing a line hand thing.

    From Mackenzie😃

  5. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    The thing that i enjoyed the most about the art was drawing the face with the hands covering the eyes.What i found the most challenging was drawing the hands and the feet first and then drawing the face in between them.

    from Piper

  6. Dear Miss Baldwin,

    The thing i enjoyed most about this art project was creating it.

    the thing i found most challenging was out lining the foot.

  7. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    The thing that I found most challenging was drawing around the hands because if you move it a centimetre, then the whole thing will just mess up. I also thought that drawing around the feet were hard because some shoes curve up in the middle and if you draw around that then the picture will be very thin. The thing that I enjoyed the most was probably out-lining the hand print’s, and I also what I think that is what I did best in the drawing.

    From Hayden

  8. daer mrs b
    i ingod most about it was so colourful and fun
    the most galling was the feet it was so hard
    no i did not
    BY cooper

  9. hi ms baldwin i think that the hardest thing to in the art was to draw the hands it was hard to trace it but in the end i did the best i could do

    i have done an optical illusion art project before and i relay liked it i did the same thing in year 1 and i relay loved it but the hardest thing was that you had to trace your on thing

    \the thing i enjoyed the most is that we got to disjoin the shoe and it was very fun to because it was what you wanted to do.

  10. Dear miss baldwin I enjoyed art because it doesn’t, have to be perfect. I liked this art better then the pacasco art because I thought it was bad and it’s good to use your brain working .from Jessica m

  11. Dear Mrs Baldwin
    I liked the art because it was fun and enjoyable .
    Copying my shoes and hands.
    from Elyssa

  12. dear ms baldwin

    I liked the way we did the shoes ands hands but the background was a bit little bit new.

    frome ryan

  13. Dear miss Baldwin,
    the thing i like the most about the art project we did is that we used are feet and hands.And i also liked that the person is falling into the page.
    from jessica g

  14. Dear Mrs Baldwin I mostly enjoyed when we coloured the picture and when we drew my legs and arms. I liked doing my legs more because I think it is funner.

    From mate

  15. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    What I found the most enjoying about the art project is about me not finishing it.
    What I found most challenging is me not finishing it

  16. by miss B
    I loveb all ov it.
    The hud thin is the coin of the fit and hand.
    No dut i wish.

    Hal is word holiday

    from mila

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