8 thoughts on “Quick Quote Friday #25

  1. Dear mrs Baldwin,

    Yes I think people can predict in the future because the future will be like now but more high-tec stuff and good quality,more modern and will be very expansive.

    From Jude

    1. Dear Jude W,

      I also agree with you that there will be modern and high-tec things in the future.

      From Grayson

  2. DearMrsBaldwin, i think this quote means that your future is your own so you can make it your way.

    MrsBaldwin you can make your future but you can’t predict it.

  3. Dear Mrs Baldwin
    I believe that this quote means the future is what you make it

    I do not believe that you can predict the future accurately.
    From David

  4. Dear Mrs Baldwin,

    I have never heard this quote so I am going to guess I think the quote means you make your own future.

    You can not predict future because your actions are always different not always what you want them to be.

    From Grayon

  5. Dear Miss Baldwin,

    I think that the quote means that to predicted the future you have to come up whit enventions that you will make in the future.

    I think that you can predict the future because you will be in it and you can invent the future.

    From Kendra,

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