It’s a material world

Our science topic for this term is called Material World. In this topic we have been learning about:

  • the properties of materials and how they relate to use
  • how to test the properties of materials fairly and how to use this knowledge to choose materials wisely.
  • Which materials have desirable properties but have less impact on the environment.

We began by discussing what we thought these three scientific words meant

Object: a thing that can be seen and touched


Material: the substance of which an object is made out of.


Properties: the characteristics or feature of the material. Describing the material and what it can do.


We then looked at different pieces of clothing and discussed what the object was, what material it was made out of and the properties of the material. For example:








keeps the heat in (warm)


We also have also begun an experiment called rot or remain? For this experiment we worked in small groups and had to place different materials such as cardboard, plastic and wool along with something organic such as an apple core and bury them all in wet soil in a container.

We then had to make predictions on which materials we that we think will rot or decompose and which materials we think will not. We also had to explain our predictions.


We have stored the containers out of direct sunlight or classroom lighting to avoid large differences in temperature.


We will monitor our containers daily to make sure the soil is kept moist. Then in a few weeks time we look look at our materials that are buried and discuss the results.

What did you predict will happen to your materials in this experiment?

Can you name an object, what material it is made out of and its properties.

Why do you think its important for people to think about what materials to use to make certain objects?



2 thoughts on “It’s a material world

  1. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    I predict that the materials will get all moldey and yucky and i think that the mud will be all dry. A drink bottle is made out of plastic and the properties of it would be if it was made out of bricks it would be to heavy and the water would get all yucky and thats why they probably would have made it out of plastic. Plastic is durable and holo and is strong enough to hold water and thats another reason why they probably made it plastic.I think that it is important that they make it the right material because what if they made it the wrong material and instead of paper been paper what if they made it the wrong material and made it metal then you wouldn’t be able to write on it or even draw on it.

    from Piper

  2. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    I think that it is important to think about what material people make things out of because if you make bathers out of paper then i twill just rip a soon as it goes into the water and even if it doesn’t rip, when you walk it will. If you make a rain coat out of bricks then: 1, It will be WAY to heavy to carry and walk around in. 2, You can’t shape it to adapt to fit your body (so it isn’t flexible) And 3, When you are walking around and you move, the bricks can cut you, and if you get cut then it will bleed, and if it bleeds then you will need a band aid, and if you need a band aid then you will need to go to the shops more often, and if you need to go to the shops more often then you will need to spend more money, and if you need to spend more money then you can’t spend it going to nice places. So making a rain coat out of bricks is a very, VERY bad idea.

    If I named an object, then the first thing that comes to my head is paper. Paper is made out of trees and that makes it very stainable and organic. Papers properties are that it is flexible and ripable.

    From Hayden

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