Harmony Day 2015

On Friday the 20th of March, Grange Primary School celebrated Harmony Day. This is a day to celebrate Australia’s cultural diversity. It’s about inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone. This year was the 15th anniversary of celebrating Harmony Day. To show our support for Harmony Day everyone was able to dress up in orange or wear an outfit that represented their family culture/country.

Some fascinating statistics about Australia’s diversity that are shared on the Harmony Day official website.

  • around 45 per cent of Australians were born overseas or have at least one parent who was
  • 85 per cent of Australians agree multiculturalism has been good for Australia
  • apart from English the most common languages spoken in Australia are Mandarin, Italian, Arabic, Cantonese, Greek, Vietnamese, Tagalog/Filipino, Spanish and Hindi
  • more than 60 Indigenous languages are spoken in Australia
  • 92 per cent of Australians feel a great sense of belonging to our country

Room 10 did an amazing job dressing up and celebrating Harmony Day!



Grange Primary School held a whole school assembly to celebrate Harmony Day as well as acknowledging that it was National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence. We watched an inspiring video made by the year 7’s about bullying. To finish our assembly the whole school stood up and joined in singing ‘We are the World’ by Michael Jackson. Mrs. Baldwin was impressed with the magnificent singing voices.

Our class also had an opportunity to use some orange plastic strips to thread through our school fence. This  was a lot of fun!

Happy Harmony Day everyone!!

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What did you enjoy the most about Harmony Day and why?

Why do you think Harmony Day is important?

Can you explain why we should act against bullying and what you can do to help?

31 thoughts on “Harmony Day 2015

  1. 1. what I liked most about harmony day is that we got to wear are bandana. why: Because I wore mine on my ankle. And also because mine had Diversity, Friendship and Scotland.

    2. I think harmony day is important because it shares Friendship and people that come from different countries.

    3. We should stop against bullying because it can lead to bourses and broken bones.

  2. Dear Miss Baldwin,

    The thing I enjoyed most about Harmony day was dressing up in orange because I don’t like our school uniform because its not comtoforable .

    I think Harmony day is important because we get to Respect each other for who they are.

  3. Dear Mrs Baldwin

    I liked harmony day because Dreasing up in orange was really fun.
    I think harmony day Is inportant because it is nice to have lots of cultures.
    I think you should not bully because it makes people sad.

  4. Dear Mrs Baldwin what i enjoyed the most about harmony day was seeing other people dressed in orange and also in there culture.I think it is important because it brings us happiness and peace and we think positive thoughts.

    from Piper

  5. dear mrs b
    i like harmony day because the pecae,no war,happiness, and lots more.

    i think harmony day is inportod because it stops wars,bulling,bing mean and more.
    we shod stop bulling because bulling hut to the bone i soly wond not like to be boled so as i was sainy bulling can hut,sadness,left out,and lods more things.

    By Cooper

  6. Q1 Dear Mrs Baldwin, I mostly enjoy the orange tops or your country colour tops.Also I like how you bring a gold coin.

    Q3 I think you can help bulling stop by not doing any more and if you do it someone can get hurt or injured.:)

    🙂 From Mateja

  7. hi ms baldwin i think it is good to have harmony day to make sure everyone fells god about they coutlare if they have different race skin colour you can not tease someone just because they are very different so harmony day is to soport some pelope to are different from james

    1. To James,

      that is very true and i like how you say you can not tease people if they come from some where else or their a different colour. From Kayne

  8. To mrs Baldwin,

    Harmony Day is a celebration for peace and friendship and bullying but the thing i enjoyed about Harmony Day was that everyone was happy and it was a little bit like a day when you get to wear what you want but instead you need to wear orange.

    Harmony Day is important because its the day when everybody should be friends and when everybody should be trying to stop bullying so in other words it means we want peace.

    From Kayne

  9. dear mrs b
    l like about harmony day is you get to see peoples backgrounds. l never knew piper is swedish.

    Harmony day is important because we need to make the world better place

    from finnigan

  10. Dear Mrs Baldwin,

    The most thing I enjoyed about harmony day was when we got to where orange. It is good that everyone supports harmony day because it brings peace to everyone and it makes people happy. The teachers made me laugh with there funny cloths.

    the Buddists have the most peace in them and thats how harmony day came about. They are very kind and nice. We should beware of fights or even a war.

    from Jude

  11. Dear Mrs Baldwin
    I liked harmony day because you dress up in orange .

    I think harmony day is important because it is talking about bullying and different countrys.

    From Elyssa

  12. To Mrs B
    I love coming today because it is respectful to other countries to people who don’t speak Australian .
    Because it is fun to dress up in Orange costumes.
    To stand up for yourself and think I can I can be a nice person and look at other children in need.

    From mila

  13. To miss B
    What I like the best about harmony day was dressing up and looking what other people have onI liked the big harmony dragon out ner the oval. I also like the photo we did and the funny phone we did.
    I think harmony day is in portion because we are having fun by dressing up and being silly and haveing fun with your friends and it makes the day more speshol for some people I like harmony day.
    from Jessica g

    1. Dear Jessica g I’m glad you liked harmony day it is all about having fun with your friends and that’s exsaally what you and me do I had no Idea what the thing in the yard was but your write I think it is a dragon .love from Jessica m

  14. Dear Miss baldwin i liked harmony because i liked to dress in orange and i liked doing the orange garbage bag on the fence i also liked playing with my friends on harmony day from jessica m

  15. Dear Mrs Baldwin, the thing I enjoyed the most about harmony day was getting to wear the Orange bands and getting double dojo points and also putting the Orange garbage bags around the fences.

    I think harmony day is important because it celebrates multiculturalism and celebrates the world with peace and harmony.

    I think we should act against bullying because if people bully people get phisycally hurt sometimes. I think we should of we see bullying if it’s just words try and calm them if their fighting get a teacher

    From Kain

  16. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    The thing I enjoyed most about harmony day was seeing all the different cultural costumes and seeing all the diversity in our school. I also enjoyed threading the orange plastic through the school fence for you relise that you are a part of a group and that what harmony is kind of about.

    I think that harmony day is important because it shows all the diversity in our school and settles disputes more than other days.
    From David

  17. Dear mrs Baldwin ,
    The thing I loved about harmony day was wearing orange at school.
    Why I think harmony day is important is because is celebrates peace and no bullying so everyone is happy.
    We should act against bullying because everyone should not get cheated and picked on.
    From jade

  18. Dear Mrs Baldwin’
    I think that Harmony Day is important because people aren’t bullying and are happy to other people.What I enjoyed about Harmony Day was dressing up in orange and weaving the orange plastic through the fence.
    From Hannah

  19. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    I enjoyed harmony day because of all the learning about it with Mr E and I thought it was really fun weaving the pieces of fabric on the gate.

    I think harmony day is important because of all the people trying to be nice to each other and help each other I saw lots of people doing that and that
    😃 from Christian

  20. Dear Mrs Baldwin,

    Harmony day is fun because because you don’t need to ware normal school clothes(uniform)because you can ware your cultur or country colors.

    I think Harmony Day is important because every body gives respect to others and is nice so the day is important.
    From Grayson

  21. Dear mrs bald win what I enjoyed most about harmony day was wearing orange because it was very.lively and I loved getting bandana and I liked looking at Luther peoples national coustume

    From zoe

  22. Dear Mrs B
    I think harmony day is fun because you can dress up in onteage and you can were you national outfit
    I think harmony day is i operant to support peoples multiculturalism and it does not
    Matter what race you are or from what country your from and I think everyone has same rights if you are poor it does not matter if you have lots money everyone has the same rights .
    From James

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