Perspective Drawing

For most of this term we have been working very hard in Art on our perspective drawings.

Perspective drawings make objects appear more realistic, as they appear to recede as they get further away. If the receding lines are extended they will meet at points that are called vanishing points.

We used one vanishing point for our drawings which was placed about 1/3 down from the middle of the page. This vanishing point was very important as we had to make sure that all our horizontal lines were beginning from it.

Everyone created an art gallery drawing which had a long corridor with the vanishing point at the end of it. On either side we designed our own pictures.

For the ceiling we chose our own lighting however we had to be careful that we used the right technique. If we decided to use single lights we had to make sure that they were large and then became smaller as they went into the distance down the corridor. If we decided to draw paneled lighting we had to use our vanishing point again to make sure the lines lined up with this point.

Finally we designed the flooring where again we had to use the vanishing point to guide us. Some of us chose to have carpet with floorboards and others decided to have tiles.

It was very important to use a ruler throughout the entire design and also our imagination when drawing the different pictures. We had a lot of fun!

IMG_4226 IMG_4225 IMG_4224 IMG_4223 IMG_4222

What did you enjoy most about the perspective drawing?

What did you find difficult about drawing the picture?

What would you like to draw for your next perspective drawing piece?

6 thoughts on “Perspective Drawing

  1. Dear room 9,
    I am enjoying my holiday in America and we have done a few thing so far like
    .go to a basketball game and it was LA lakers VS Canadian raptors it was a good game. LA lakers won so now I barrick for lakers and brought a lakers beanie and got my initials on it.
    We also have a pool and hot tub we have gone in them and it is so warm because the pool is heated.
    We went to Universal Studios. There was a new virtual ride called Despicable Me. We had tickets that would let us jump the line. So we went on the ride and it was really cool. I bought a minion toy and called him Kevin. My sister also bought a Minion and he has a mustache, a bow tie and brown hat called Darryl.

    From Asha

  2. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    What I enjoyed most about the perspective drawing was the floor boards. What I found the hardest was doing all the lines with the ruler because you had to get the ruler in the exact spot.
    From Gracie

  3. Dear Mrs Baldwin I enjoyed perspective drawing.Because you learned how to make things look cool. The most difficult thing was getting it done it was sad because I had to do it while others did fun stuff.from Lewis.

  4. Dear Asha,
    Your not missing out on much here but have started are angry birds investigation and it is soooooooooo fun. But you know the usaul :
    Daily 5
    Maths times tables
    I’m doing daily 5 right now. Have you met any one famous? How fun is it out if ten?
    From Anika
    Ps we got in to the edublog compeition for best class blog so vote

    1. Dear Anika,

      I have not seen any famous people yet but have seen where famous people live and lived in Hollywood, I saw the house where Michel Jackson died!! I have been to Los Angeles and it is warm and mostly sunny. Las Vegas it is warm and a little bit sunny, I went to the GRAND CANYON it is FREEZING at 4:30 and dark in in the western part of America at 5:00 pm but shops are open to around 9:00 pm.
      I rate America 6/10 for the fun because you get sick of it after a while and it feels like you’re in Queenland but a lot bigger and a lot of pollution. But there are AMAZING SITES!! So for the sites I rate is 9/10 and every think looks amazing at night especially on the strip which is a long street like super super long and I saw water synchronized to music and that was awesome. I rate America over all 8/10.

      From Asha

  5. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    The thing I enjoyed most about the perspective art is the effect and how it ended up, it was also fun doing it. The thing I found hard about the perspective art is when I was drawing up the frame of the perspective art. The thing that I would like to draw for perspective art would probly be the same sort of effect but on the street in the city. Also what would you do if we did perspective art again what would you choose to do.

    From Asha

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