Gardening at Grange

For 3 lessons this term we have been doing some gardening with Amanda.

This has involved:


Planting strawberries 

IMG_3813 IMG_3817IMG_3821IMG_3822IMG_3823


Learning about greenhouses and planting some cucumber, zucchini, cambodian basil, parsley.

IMG_4068 IMG_4075 IMG_4076


At Grange we are lucky to have 2 areas for gardening and there are already a lot of other vegetables, herbs and fruits that have been planted this year. We will continue to water our seeds and watch them grow for the rest of the year into healthy plants. We then hope that we can eat some of our strawberries by the end of the year!

What have you enjoyed most about the gardening lessons?

What have you learnt from these lessons?

Do you have a vegetable garden at home and if so what do you grow?

4 thoughts on “Gardening at Grange

  1. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    What I learnt from the gardening lesson was another way to plant cucumbers.

    What I enjoyed was planting the strawberries and looking at them the n ext week.

    I have a veggie garden at home and we are going to grow carrots, potatoes and chilli.
    From Gracie

  2. Dear Mrs B,
    the thing that I like most about gardening is that you got to plant things.
    What I learnt form this is when you are planting the plant you fill the dirt up 3 quarters up.
    I have 40 strawberries outside the front of my dads.

    from Asha

  3. Dear Mrs Baldwin I think gardening was a great idea because 1 we could plant things 2 you could eat some of the plants and 3 because it was fun I have my own little strawberry plant at home on my window sill from Lewis m.

  4. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    The thing I enjoyed most about gardening was that we got to see how the school garden is going and that we got to try some of the produce.

    The skill I learnt from gardening was that different plants need a different amount of space around them.

    I do have a pretty big garden at home and a lot of plants grow in it. For Ex: Parsley, Coriander, Cucumbers, Peas, Youngberrys… and it’s really interesting watching them grow.

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