Term 2 Reflections

We are now at the end of Term 2 and for the final two computing lessons we decided to create a reflection page.

Firstly we wrote a list of all the fun and interesting things we have learnt and participated in this term.


Maths investigation


Long multiplication


Times Tables


Narrative Writing

Daily 5

Class Blog

Reading strategies – Questioning and making connections

Handwriting Рachieving a pen license 


Plant life investigations

RBL (History)

First contacts Рlearning about the first fleet and explorers 


PE and Fitness Activities


Touch typing – Dance Mat

BitStrips Comics

Other activities

Grandparents Day

World Environment Day Art activities

Reconciliation Week – Aboriginal Dot paintings with our CAT Buddies

Eagles Football Clinic

Chess with Allen

Our Whole School Assembly

Anti-bullying Focus Day

Next we used Word to create a poster and then chose 3 or 4 activities we participated in and wrote about what we learnt. By using Word we also practiced our computing skills such as:

  • Importing a text box
  • Creating a boarder and background
  • Manipulating font and colour
  • Touch typing skills
  • Importing pictures and positioning them correctly
  • Saving a document in the correct file and including a title

Mrs Baldwin is very proud of every student in Room 9 this Term for all the learning that everyone has achieved so far! Everyone deserves a break to recharge the batteries, ready to be back for a BIG Term 3!

Our Term 2 Reflections

What did you enjoy the most about this term?

What skills did you learn from creating your reflection poster using Word?


4 thoughts on “Term 2 Reflections

  1. Dear Mrs B, I’ve enjoyed learning everything i’ts all really exiting especially being explained so well (by you) just helps.

    I learnt lots is how I would put it.
    From Megan

  2. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    I enjoyed making the reflections on what we have done this year it was really fun. I started later than any body else and I was the second to finish I was really shocked with being second I hope you post this up thanks.

    from jess

    1. Dear Jess, that’s great you enjoyed making it or rather it’s great to hear people in the class liked making them. ps hi for the holidays!
      From Megan

  3. To mrs Baldwin

    I had a wonderful weekend on the first week me and my family meet up with some friends at the bartly haven we had a some drinks. Then on Friday me and my family left to Queensland then my family went to movie world and I went on the batwing,superman,green Lenten.

    From lachie

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