Anti Bullying Focus Day

This Thursday the 22nd of May our school held an Anti-bullying focus day. In lead up to this day our class have had several discussions about bullying.

Bullying involves

  • Imbalance of Power – people who bully use their power to control or harm, and the people being bullied have a hard time defending themselves.
  • Intent to cause harm – actions done by accident are not bullying, the person bullying has a goal to cause harm.
  • Repetition – Incidents of bullying happen to the same person over and over by the same person or group.

bully 1

We also talked about the different types of bullying such as:

  • Verbal bullying – name calling and teasing
  • Social bullying – spreading rumors, leaving people out on purpose, breaking up friendships.
  • Physical bullying – hitting, punching, shoving
  • Cyber bullying– using the internet, mobile phones or other technologies to harm others.

bully 2

We then discussed about various strategies we could use to stop bullying such as walking away, speaking up against the bully, telling an adult you trust and sticking together.

Below are some videos  from Stop Bullying РAnti bullying from the Cartoon Network Website that we shared as a class about strategies to assist with bullying.

We have now used Bitstrips for Schools to create our own comics using strategies about how to deal with bullying. We will continue to work on these next week and during homework time. All comics will be printed and placed on our blog for viewing in the next week.

What is something you learnt or were reminded about this week about bullying?

What is a strategy you would use to prevent bullying?

How do you think a person would feel if they were bullied?

6 thoughts on “Anti Bullying Focus Day

  1. Dear Mrs B, a thing you could use to stop bullying is get help in some way. i also think people who are being bullied may feel sad ,worried,scared.
    From Megan

  2. Dear Mrs Baldwin, first of all can you please put my comic on there. second I liked all the comics that were on there and the videos.
    From Charlie S

    1. Dear Charlie,
      I have not been able to put all comics up on the blog because they could not all fit. However you can still see everyone’s including yours if you click onto the link under the comics.
      From Mrs Baldwin

  3. Dear Mrs Baldwin
    When someone is bullying you,you could speak up, tell a teacher/adult, pretend you don’t care and walk away and if someone was getting bullied they could feel scared, sad or nervous. I also think that bullying is a horrible thing to do and people shouldn’t do it.
    From Kayley

  4. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    I had so much fun making the Bitstrips Comics. Mine was about physical bulling .
    If I could make another comic it would be about to never cyber bully anyone.

    from Charlie k

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