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  1. Then in the middle of the noise a big finger slowey a morges from the pitch black cave. Thay ran a way back to the pitch black cave. I only got to see a glimps of big monster said luick. When luick was in bed he ceap having nightmares he could not sleep at all so he look for his mum and dad but could not find them so he went to bed. when luick wock up it was day. THE END

  2. Dear Mrs Baldwin ,
    My favourite activity was the cup tower because it was challenging
    And my favourite part was when we knocked the cup tower down it was so much fun.

    Tyler I learnt he has a sense of humour and has stayed in the same grade for three years
    The end.
    From Troy

  3. Dear mrs Baldwin
    I’m looking forward to cat buddy s
    Because it is fun to be
    I like cat buddies the best because it is a good
    One thing I would like to see in our classroom is hi chairs
    From axle

  4. Dear ms Bawldwin
    1. Come-3
    Why do you think it’s important to know the sounds because if your trying to learn a new language like Japnes they dont care about the letters they care about the sound.
    3. The most hard thing in spelling is the contract because the challenge on it is really hard
    And also sounds help you with words because the sounds put together can make a word.

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