Swimming Lessons 2017

During Week 2 all Year 4 classes participated in swimming lessons at the Adelaide Aquatic Swimming Centre. Swimming is part of the curriculum and is another way we can be active whilst learning about water safety. The skills we developed were: Water confidence Survival in the water Swimming technique Rescue of others Water safety Endurance and fitness… Read More Swimming Lessons 2017

Going mad for Mandalas

Our latest art project has been creating Mandalas. The word “mandala” is from the classical Indian language of Sanskrit. It is loosely translated to mean “circle.” Mandalas represent wholeness and can be seen as a model for the organisational structure of life. It is a cosmic diagram that reminds us of our relationship to the world that… Read More Going mad for Mandalas

Musical Workshop

On Friday 23rd of June our class attended a music/percussion workshop with Jon Madin. Jon is a music teacher with a background in a variety of music experiences. His experience includes playing in folk/rock bands, multi-cultural bands, an orchestra, family music workshops and bush dancing. Jon has worked in musical instrument design including marimbas and… Read More Musical Workshop

Photo Art and Craft!

Our latest art project has involved using craft materials and our imagination! Our task was to choose a background to create using different craft materials. We could use anything from straws, pipe cleaners, cotton wool buds, crepe paper, lipsticks, coloured paper and loads more!! This was a lot of fun. We had to think carefully… Read More Photo Art and Craft!