Mayoral Make-A-Book Competition 2018

This year we have looked at Narratives as a text type and our class all wrote individual stories using our imagination.

This week was the final week to complete the Mayoral Make-A-Book Competition and everyone worked very hard to complete them. We all designed our own front covers and blurbs which were laminated and we typed up each page of our story and drew our own illustrations. Mrs Baldwin then bound them professionally and they have now been entered into the competition.

We enjoyed reading each others books this week and to our C.A.T Buddies. Everyone was really excited to see all our books put together professionally and looking like a real book that you could borrow from the library.

What is a blurb?

A blurb is a short summary or description of  a book. The blurb does not tell the story: it tells the potential buyer or reader about the story

As a class we discussed why most authors include blurbs at the back of their books.

What is the purpose of a blurb?

A blurb is a great way to promote a book and make a person want to read or even buy it. Without a blurb it can be very hard to find out what a particular book is about without having to read the entire story.

Check out some of the blurbs below….

You can read some of the pages from some of the groups stories below

Well done everyone on such a great effort, you all worked so hard and Mrs Baldwin is very proud of all of you!

In early November the winners will be presented with their prize by the Mayor.  Each winner will receive a lovely book with commemorative bookplate and a certificate. One lucky winner from each year level will also be chosen to have their book featured on the Charles Sturt website as an ebook for a whole year!

Good luck everyone and well done again!

What did you enjoy most about making your book?

What did you find the most challenging about writing and making your book and why?

Which book did you enjoy reading and why?

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