Chess 2018

This term our class have been lucky to have Alan visit us for a lesson each week to teach us about Chess.

Chess is a two player strategy board game played on a checkered game board with 64 squares arranged in an 8 by 8 grid. It was thought to be the first ever game that was played on a board with squares that had different types of pieces.

The game originated in Northern India in the 6th century AD. Back then it was called Chaturanga which translates to “four divisions” which is in reference to the four divisions of the military. Below is a list of the chess pieces and what their original names were:

 Original Name              Current Name

king                                              king

adviser                                       queen

elephant                                    bishop

horse                                          knight

chariot                                       rook

foot-solider                             pawn

The first World Chess Championship was held in 1886 and was won by an Austrian called Wilhelm  Steinitz.


Our first session with Alan involved him explaining the moves each chess piece can make and where they begin on the board. From there he demonstrated some strategies that are used when playing. Mrs Baldwin was extremely impressed of the knowledge that most students had, especially with the strategy moves!

Alan and Mrs Baldwin have also signed us up to the website Chesskid where we can practice the game against each other anytime we want. In our computing lesson we decided to try it out and it was a lot of fun playing against each other and also students from around the world!

Check out more information about how to play chess by watching this video!

What do you enjoy most about playing chess?

What have you learnt from Alan over the past few weeks?

Do you play chess outside of school? If so who do you play with?

18 thoughts on “Chess 2018

  1. Dear Mrs Baldwin,

    What I love about chess is that it’s fair and competitive 😛

    I have learnt how to solve puzzles, figure out new strategies and know how each thingy moves 😀

    I play chess at home with my brother Charlie or Harry or Jack and I cheat sometimes to show how good I am and I can beat them >:)

    From Lucy😸

  2. Dear mrs Baldwin

    The thing i most enjoy about chess is it is really competetive !!
    I have learnt the four move check mate .
    I do not play chess outside of school .

    F rom Luca B 👌🏻

  3. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    The thing I like about chess is that it is fun, challenging, hard and easy.
    I have learnt different moves for each pease of the chess board
    I do play out side of school I play with my dad on my iPad
    From Maia 😜

  4. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    The thing I most enjoy in chess is playing with two people instead of just one.
    I have learnt from Alan over the past few weeks what all the positions are and all the names of the characters.
    I do not play chess out of school but I sometimes play my step dad Kane.
    From Chloe

  5. Dear Mrs Baldwin,

    The thing I enjoy the most about chess is playing against people that have different strategies to me.

    I have learnt that chess is from Northen India.

    I do play chess out side of school by playing on ChessKid, by the way l love to play on ChessKid.

    From Niamh 🦄

  6. Dear Mrs Baldwin ,
    What do you enjoy most about playing chess?The the thing I like the most about playing chess because the it last long and it get very fast when you practice so you are faster .

    I have learnt that if you get the king you win and the king is worth the hole game so you win.

    I do not play chess out of school because I play soccer and footy

  7. Dear Mrs Baldwin Getting my friends King out so they lost the match
    Check check mate checking
    I do not
    From Ky 🥇

  8. Dear mrs Baldwin, this is a fantastic class blog and I mostly enjoy about chess is moving big players and collecting opponents best players so they can’t attack as much as they can before and also I’ve learnt some new things from Allen. Ive learnt to get more check mates or check and sometimes play out of school I normally play with my friend Jovan and he always beats me but I mostly play with with my nana but I call her Baba. its Serbian for nana.

    From Ned Kendle😅

  9. Dear Mrs Baldwin, the thing I enjoyed about chess this term was playing other people and having fun.

    I have learnt more moves to check mate people so easily.

    I play chess out of school out of school with my cousin.

    From Luca.f

  10. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    My favourite part of chess is when you can play with
    Your friends and when they fall into your trap.
    I have learnt how all of the pieces move and what they are worth
    I play chess sometimes which chess kid at home.
    From Scarlett 😁

  11. Dear MrsBaldwin
    The thing I enjoy most about chess is
    How to get check mate.
    I have learnt to trape them in check mate
    I do not play chess outside school
    From Axle

  12. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    The Thing That I enjoy most about chess is learning different strategies on how to move the pieces. I have learnt how to move the pieces in the correct spots because when I started playing I had no idea what to do. I don’t play chess outside of school from Holly😄

  13. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    I really enjoy playing chess and what I enjoy about it is learning how to play and learning and playing new moves.
    I’ve learned the amazing four-move checkmate from Alanand it’s really helping me!!! When I played with my dad I did the four- move checkmate and I won three times in a row!!!
    I play chess with my friends and family but mainly on the chess kid app

    From Shamika 😋

  14. Dear mrs Baldwin,
    The thing I enjoyed the most about chess is that it was a bit of a challenge at start then I got a bit use to it after a while and it was fun playing with next door room 12 it was fun.

    The next thing I learnt is that they use to call a bishop an elephant , a queen was called an adviser, a Knight was called a horse, a rook a is called a chariot, and a prawn is called a foot – solider.

    I don’t play chess for a club but I play it on ChessKid it is very fun because you can verse other people it is so cool.

    Sincerely Agok 😍

  15. Dear miss Baldwin,
    What I enjoy the most about chess is when Alan show’s us new moves and that means I can play with those moves.
    I have learnt a lot of moves that are cool
    I do not play chess outside of school.
    🥩 From Kobe

  16. Dear Mrs Baldwin,

    The thing I enjoy most about playing chess is playing for a while with the same person.

    I have learnt how much points you get for each peace.

    I do play chess outside of school like to play with my brother and my father.

    From Julia🐾

  17. Dear mrs baldwin,
    1. The thing I enjoy most about chess is… learning the name of the peaces and learning the ways they can go.

    2. I have leant… that there is a peas called elephant.

    3. I bo not play chess out of school


  18. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    the thing I like most is playing with my friends.I have learnt that chess came from India.I do play chess out of school with my mum, dad and grandpa.
    from Thomas

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