Welcome Back for 2018!

Well six weeks has passed and the holidays are over for another year! Mrs Baldwin hopes that everyone has had a very relaxing and enjoyable break. There is so much to look forward to this year! Below are just some of the things to get excited about!!

Working with our CAT buddies

Achieving our Accelerated Reader targets

Science investigations

Maths investigations


Swimming lessons
Using a range of computer programs and apps 

Sports day

Entering into the Mayoral Make a Book

and loads, loads more!!!

One of the BIG changes that has occurred over the holidays is out classroom space. We are very lucky to have one large open space to share with Ms Abela’s year 4 class. Soon enough we will be getting new furniture to fill the space and pin boards to allow us to display all our fantastic work that we have done so far! Check out some before and after pictures of our space…


X+VOnoyeSVOWXOgndz19ZA from skye baldwin on Vimeo.


Over the holidays Mrs Baldwin planned some exciting topics and activities to learn about this year and we will have some great opportunities to work with the other year 4 class in some activities.

We are all looking forward to an exciting year of learning!

What are you looking forward to the most in Year4 and why?

What do you like the best about the classroom and why?

What is one thing you would like to see included in our new classroom space?

19 thoughts on “Welcome Back for 2018!

  1. Dear Mrs Baldwin,

    I’m really excited for year 4! So far I absolutely love my class and my teacher/s.
    I’m looking forward to learning new things and challenging my brain a lot because I love to know new things and have a go at them, when I know it right, I could probably tell my parents about it. The thing that catches my eye a lot that I like the most is probably the tank with Kevin in it, it’s so tempting to watch him sway in the water and he keeps me calm a lot and helps me not stress so much. What I think would make the class room improve would be maybe funky, bright and colourful couches that have some emoji pillows (but if it’s a bit to hard to find maybe just comfy pillows and seats 🙃) From Lucy

  2. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    I am looking forward to doing some art because I love art especially painting.
    I like Kevin because he is super duper cuteI also the lanterns because they are very pretty.
    I would like to see some art work around the class.Scarlett💖

  3. Dear mrs Baldwin,
    This year I’m looking forward to …. Getting pushed by you ( not literally though) because I love learning and school especially maths and spelling.
    The best thing about the classroom is …… it is very unique, especially because i have actually never have had to share a classroom or have a really big classroom.
    The one thing i would like to see in our classroom is …… higher chairs or newer tables.

    Thank you for letting me have an opportunity for being in this shared classroom.
    Anastasia 😜

  4. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    I’m looking forward to sports day because I really like playing games and competing.

    One thing I like the best in the classroom is Keven because he is so cute and everyone adores him. One thing I would like to see in the classr oom is positive signs so everyone thinks positive.
    From Sarah

  5. Dear Mrs Baldwin,

    I am looking forward to doing more challenging maths because I think maths is my favourite subject.

    I like Kevin the best because he is so cute but his nose is just the cutest thing in the world.

    One thing I would in our classroom is new desks because the wons that we have scratches and marks all over them.

    From Niamh

  6. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    I am looking forward to sports day because I might have a chance of winning something and I get no school work.
    I like maths the best because it challenges me and sets goals for me and I get better at multiplication.
    One thing I would like to see a couch shaped like a bed.
    From Rhys

  7. Dear mrs Baldwin,I am looking forward to sports day because it is an exciting day especially with a new teacher like you.I like writing the best because you learn new words and may get your pen licence. One thing I would like to see In the class Is a few couches at the tables to sit on
    From Chloe

  8. Dear miss Baldwin I am looking forward to my teacher because I got the teacher I wanted
    I like the turtle because Kevan is cute
    I’m looking forward to seeing the turtle in our class room because I wanted a class pet this year so thank you and I’m really happy to have Kevan in our class.from Holly

  9. Dear Mrs Baldwin
    I’m looking forward to see the class because you are good at designing stuff.break out area the best because you can chill out when you let us.i would like to see a bed and a tv so we can watch it when we are finished our work.
    From Kobe

  10. Dear mrs Baldwin
    I am looking forward To see the class
    I like turtle the best because I like animals
    One thing I would like in the class room is a ps4

    From lukal

  11. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    I’m looking forward to having new science investigations because I love science and I want to learn more about it.
    I also really like the turtle called Kevin, he’s really cute and I hope he enjoys the school year too.
    What I really would like to see in the classroom are new tables.

    From Shamika

  12. Dear miss Baldwin
    I am look forward to having cat buddy’s because last year we did not have cat buddy’s
    I like the the turtle the best because he is so cute
    One thing I would like to see in our class room new desks
    From Maia

  13. Dear mrs Baldwin

    I am looking foreword to learning lots of stuff, I really like Kevin 🐢One thing I would like in the class
    room is some of the tall tables.

    From Luca B 💯🐢

  14. Dear Ms Baldwin

    I think in my opinion we should get the lower tables for us to sit at and the little mats for us to sit on

  15. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    This year I am looking forward to sports day because I want win and be the fastest girl in year 4.
    In the classroom I like the most is the chill out zone because it is a place where you can just relax.
    I would like to see new tables and chairs because they are a bit old and they have scratches on them.
    Sincerely Agok Deng😂

  16. Dear miss Baldwin i am looking forward to having sportsday because its good for your body and your showing lots of sportmanship.I like sportsday best because its fun every body likes itand the people love it inclooding me.One thingi would like to see is a poster about sportsday from Filipa 🌷🌷🌷

  17. Dear Mrs Baldwin,

    1. I am looking forward to working with our cat buddy’s because they are the big cat buddy’s.

    2. I like the open space the best because we get to work as a big class.

    3. New different shaped and coloured tables and chairs because all the classrooms have the same tables and chairs.

    From Chelsea

  18. Dear Mrs Baldwin,

    The thing I enjoy the most about chess is the challenge in it because the challenge helps you think twice more and it gives your brain a good thinking session.

    In chess I have learnt that your opponent can easily can take your queen if you put it in a wrong position.

    I do play outside school sometimes and once or twice I have played with Scarlett but I have played with other people who I don’t know as well.

    From Sarah Bransden

  19. Dear Mrs Baldwin
    The thing I enjoy most about chess is that you can play any were with it
    , and when your versing somebody you can end up with a long game with your partner or a short amount of time but I also liked the shits that Allen gave us because you can figure out some strategies that you have never figured out before.

    I have learnt some new strategies from Allen the first time I saw him I thought that chess was just a game of pieces moving even if I knew how to play.

    I do play chess at home because me and my brother have got a chess board at home but the thing was we don’t play much with it but I also play it at school.
    From Filipa

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