Creating an imaginative Narrative

Narratives are always fun to write because they are a fiction text and you can use your imagination and create some interesting characters and new places. We have all been enjoying writing our narrative’s this term.

We began by looking at the structure of a narrative.

Orientation – which includes the who, what, when, where and why

Complication or Problem – every good story needs a problem to solve!

Series of events – at least 3 different events that occur where the character is trying to solve their problem.

Resolution- the problem is finally solved.

We then watched a clip of a student reading a very popular children’s book called the Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister so that we could see an example of how a narrative is structured.

We also looked at the type of words used in narratives so that the stories are interesting. These words are adjectives and they help describe people, places and events. Mrs Baldwin often says that when a good writer has include lots of adjectives, you can picture in your head what the characters and places look like. It is like a movie being played in your mind and the more adjectives that  are used, the more interesting and entertaining the story is.

From there we begun writing our own narratives. We made sure that we included lots of adjectives by using a list that we have in our work books and our imagination. Once the first drafts were edited and checked, we typed our stories on a Word Document and made them into a book using our own drawings.

Once we edited our writing we printed each page and drew illustrations to match. We will then read them to our buddies. Next term we hope to make iMovies of our books by recording our voices and using sound effects.


What did you enjoy the most about making your book and why?

What do you find challenging about writing an imaginative story and why?

 Why do you think it is really important to use adjectives in your writing?

12 thoughts on “Creating an imaginative Narrative

  1. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    What I enjoyed the most about making my book was that we could do anything and pick anyone I liked it because it was fun and enjoyable.

    I found it challenging when we had to match the pictures up exactly with the writing and when to stop a paragraph because we had so much ideas.

    I think it was really important to use adjectives because it’s more exciting.

    From Jorja😎😌

  2. Dear Mrs. Baldwin,

    I enjoyed drawing the pictures of my book .

    I found it hard to get it in intime .

    So then you no more about the object.

    More stuff

    I worked with James g.😄

  3. Dear miss Baldwin
    What I enjoyed was drawing because I love to draw. I what I found challenging was typing because I’m a bad is important to use adjectives because you want information.
    From Lara 🤓

  4. Dear mrs Baldwin,
    What I enjoyed the most is the typing because you get to make the book better then it was already and that was fun.

    What I think was challenging is the pictures because I didn’t really have pictures in my head so that is what was hard for me.

    I think it is important because it doesn’t sound fun without big words in it so we put four in each paragraph.
    From Ruby

  5. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    My favourite part of making my book was drawing the pictures because I got to get really creative and draw things that I like.
    I find getting ideas for the story challenging because you can do your story on anything you want.
    It is important to use adjectives because the story needs to be described in full detail so the reader feels like they are in the story.
    By James M🏀

  6. Dear Mrs Baldwin,

    I think the best thing about making the books is that we could do what ever story we wanted to and we could make it really imaginative.

    I think that the challenging part is if we were working by ourselves and some people did work by themselves because you have to do all the work and thinking yourself.

    I think it is very important to use adjectives in your story because it makes it more interesting and it won’t be boring.

    Regards Chloe.

  7. Dear Ms Baldwin I enjoyed writing my story and making the characters and seeing uther people’s story’s. I found chosing what to write because there was so much I wanted to write. from Tommy😎

  8. Dear Mrs Baldwin

    I liked making the books because I got to make it with my bff Jordan we had so much fun and worked really hard and we finally got it done I also liked being able to do it about what whatever we wanted which was really fun too, I found this forum because I like being creative and being with my friends

    What I found most challenging was when either me and my partner can’t think of what to write next or we both have an idea and wanted to do it and we got into an argument this was hard because it took longer to get done

    I think it’s important to use adjectives in our narrative because in makes it more interesting and better to read,

    Thanks for reading, by Tilly

  9. Dear Mrs Baldwin,

    I enjoyed being creative because I like using my imagination

    I find coming up with the theme because there are a lot to choose from

    So people can understand it better

    From Zac🤑

  10. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    I have enjoyed working in partners for a long time because it has helped make a better friendship.

    It has been challenging Writing the Narrative because you have to do a lot of typing and coluring in and sometimes your hands get sour.

    I think it is important to yous Adjectives in your Writing so the reader is more likely to like your story and it is more entertained.

    From Matilda🐬

  11. Dear mrs Baldwin,
    I enjoyed doing the illustrations because I got to use lots of colour.
    I found it trickey to come up with good words to put in certain spots because we didnt want to make it to long.I think it is important to use adjectives because they make the ready get more intrested in the book.
    From Lucena😀

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