Book Week 2017

Each year across Australia, The Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) brings children and books together celebrating CBCA Children’s Book Week. During this time schools, libraries, booksellers, authors, illustrators and children celebrate Australian children’s literature.

Every year there is a theme to help celebrate. This year the theme is…


Escape to Everywhere

There are many shortlist categories which Mrs Baldwin has displayed in the corridor. Check out the categories below and the books that have been shortlisted for each one.

We have some of these books in our school library and Mrs Baldwin has read some of them to us over the last few weeks.

Our class participated in an art activity based on this years theme ‘Escape to Everywhere.’ We discussed as a class how certain books allow us to escape to another place while we enjoy reading about characters and the plot and learning different things.

We each chose our favourite place that we would escape to when reading a book. We then needed to design a background for the place we chose. Once we did this we went onto computers and printed out about 5 pictures that we could place around our background. Mrs Baldwin then took a picture of ourselves reading a book and we stuck this picture on the art piece.

Finally we wrote a few sentences describing the place we have chosen to escape to when reading. Check out our finished work here…

On Friday the whole school participate in a dress up parade. This was a lot of fun. Check out some of the pictures of the day…

Everyone looked fantastic and it was a wonderful week celebrating different books together!


What did you enjoy the most about book week and why?

What is your favourite book and why?

7 thoughts on “Book Week 2017

  1. Dear Mrs Baldwin,

    What I enjoyed most about book week is that there was soo many people from Harry Potter.👻

    My favourite book is Harry Potter and the Half-blood prince🤓

    Bye!! From Jordan😜

  2. Dear Mrs Baldwin the thing I enjoyed the most about book week was dressing up and doing the parade because I love dressing up and showing the costumes of that the class had worn.

    My favourite book is the Bad Guy book it’s my favourite because it is really funny and it’s easy to read. From Jasmin

  3. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    what I enjoyed most about book week is that we got to dress up as our favourite costume and that we didn’t have to wear school uniform. My favourite book is probably the 78 story tree house because its funny😂
    by Baylee

  4. Dear Miss Baldwin,
    I enjoyed seeing all the lovely characters that people dressed up as and I dressed up as Slappy and some looked stunning and beautiful and some people in my class dressed up as Harry Potter and all kinds of characters and everyone looked amazing.
    My favourite book is Charlie and the chocolate factory because it is about a chocolate factory and the factory there’s a twist with a chocolate water fountain and a boat and lots more sweets in the factory and they are delicious and in the end Charlie wins the factory and willy wonka lets Charlie have factory all to his self and willy wonka took Charlie in the glass elevator to his house and willy wonka stays for dinner on Christmas Day the end.🎩

  5. Dear mrs Baldwin
    I liked that nearly every one dress up and we all had fun.
    spirit because i think it is the best book on showing what it was like for the wilde horses.
    By Tyla 😄

  6. Dear miss Baldwin
    The thing I enjoyed most about book week was that we got to dress up.
    My favourite book is 39 story tree house because there’s a series and there’s away
    Going to be a norther story.
    From Lara

  7. Dear mrs baldwin,
    My favourite part was when we got to walk around the quad and everyone could see our costumes and we could see theirs. I don’t have a favourite book but i do have a favourite series and it is called EJ12 and it is about a spy and she is always saving the world from evil.

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