Going mad for Mandalas

Our latest art project has been creating Mandalas. The word “mandala” is from the classical Indian language of Sanskrit. It is loosely translated to mean “circle.”

Mandalas represent wholeness and can be seen as a model for the organisational structure of life. It is a cosmic diagram that reminds us of our relationship to the world that extends both beyond and within our bodies and minds. The Mandala pattern is used in many religious traditions.


Mandalas are mainly used as a form of meditation. The design of the mandala is supposed to be visually appealing, to absorb the mind so that the irritating thoughts are unable to get through and a spiritual essence surrounds the individual observing the mandala. The person can almost become hypnotised and allow the busy mind to take a break while the creative mind is allowed to run free.

We firstly were given a template to practise some designs. This allowed us to experiment with lines and shapes and colours. Once we practised a few times we were able to make a decision on which design we would like to use for our good copy. We then created our final copies and they look fantastic!


What did you enjoy the most about creating mandalas?

What did you find challenging about the activity?

Had you drawn or seen them before, if so when and where?

24 thoughts on “Going mad for Mandalas

  1. Dear mrs Baldwin,
    I loved doing the mandalas and they were really fun to do I think my patterns were really creative.I found Challenging colouring the last row because it’s really hard Ro avoid the patten the You originally did.Iv seen them in an art gallery in the city and they looked really good I went atlest a year ago.

    Regards Max

  2. Dear Ms Baldwin the thing I enjoyed the most was making different patterns because I am good at making patterns. The thing I found hard was keeping the patterns the same. I have nap ever drawn or seen a mandala before
    From Tommy

  3. Dear mrs baldwin i enjoyed the most about the art is that we could come up with our own style and it was a relaxing lesson when i came out of the oven a was a lot better

  4. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    What I enjoyed most is using my really nice glitter gel pens because they are very pretty 👸🏻
    What I found challenging was how long it to but I finished it on time📱
    Yes I have i had to do one last year at school🏫
    Cheers Jordan🐼

  5. Dear mrs baldwin
    the thing I enjoyed most about the mandalas was the way we got to design it and how they would look when they were finished and they all looked amazing it was really fun. The thing that was challenging about the art was how many circles we had to do and what kind of patens to do.I have not don a mandala before but there is an app were you do mandalas but you colour them in.

    From Jasmin.

  6. Dear mrs Baldwin
    I enjoyed the designing them it made me feel free. But at one stage I just didn’t know what to do. No I have not don this before.
    from Tyla😘

  7. dear Miss Baldwin
    what i enjoyed about mandalas was that you could use what ever you want.
    What i found chalingin was that you had to do it surmegercul.
    I’m seen one before and it was at the art and craft store

    from lara

  8. Dear miss Baldwin
    I really had fun doing mandalas and making all the pattens. The mandalas were so bright,colourful and it makes me happy that are all so pretty . I loved this art activity so much

    From Amelia

  9. dear miss baldwin l enjoyed mandalas because l Love art
    l did not find it challenging
    l have at my cosine house

  10. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    The thing that I enjoyed the most about creating mandalas is that you got to make your own design and patterns and you had to make it symmetrical.

    The thing I found challenging is that you had to make it symmetrical and neat.

    I haven’t seen them before but it’s cool that is new for me.

  11. Dear Mrs Baldwin

    I enjoyed the most about mandalas was out-lining our decoration.

    cutting it out carefully.

    Yes, I saw them on the internet When I like drawing .

  12. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    What I enjoyed the most is that we got to do are own ideas and we got to be creative and have lots of fun. What I found challenging is that in the good copy we had to do it with no mistakes and that was hard because I was doing it in pen. I’ve seen them on the internet and decided I wanted to draw it because it was beautiful and I thought that if I draw one I can put it up in my room.

    From Ruby😻👩

  13. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    the thing i enjoyed most about the mandalas was that we got to choose our own designs and got to have lots of time on them.

    the thing i thought was challenging was when we did our pattens, the reason why is there was loads of pattens to do.

    first of all i have never done one in till now and also no i have never seen one before

    From James G👻😀

  14. Dear Mrs Baldwin,

    The thing that I enjoyed most about creating the Mandals was that you could draw what every you wanted to and express you feelings but you had to do it symmetrical and I thought that was really cool.

    That we had to do it by hand but it was also good at the same time because it help us to be able to draw things on our own so that in the future we know how to draw things by hand and not by tracing them.

    Yes I had my sister would draw them lots and I would try but I would never be able to draw as good as her and mine would be so bad but now I think Iam getting the hang of it and I think Iam getting quite good at it.

    Regards Chloe.

  15. Dear Mrs Baldwin

    the thing i liked the most was the designing.

    the things i found most where the different designing and finding the different colour pallets

    i haven’t drawn them before but i have seen them on the internet.

    from Kyra😃

  16. Dear Mrs Baldwin,

    What I enjoyed about making mandalas was the final product.

    What I found challenging was thinking of designs

    I have saw one before but can’t remember where

    From Zac

  17. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    I enyoed Macking the Mandalas because I love to Color and design Pictues and drawings.

    I found it challenging to make everyone symetrical on each line.

    I have Got a whole book of Mandalals at home and I do them all the time when I am board.

    From Matilda🐬

  18. Dear Mrs Baldwin,

    What I liked most About the mandalas was all the different designs we could do. I also liked having a persistent mind so I can get it done. It took a while but I still fineshed. What I found most challenging was probably the smaller parts because I done some quite complex parts on the small ones. And I have made one before,it was last year and we all done a black and white one.

    Thx for reading from Tilly (^_−)☆

  19. dear mrs Baldwin,
    i liked doing the patterns.

    trying to do the same pattern over and over.

    that was my first time seeing and making a mandala.

  20. Dear Miss Baldwin,
    What I enjoyed about the mandalas were that we could choose lots of colourful colours
    and pattens.

    That we had to make sure everything was neat and in the lines and also thinking of the
    pattens to choose.

    Yes I down loaded an app that you can colour pictures in and you could do mandalas.

    From Constantina🐘

  21. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    What i enjoyed the most about the mandalas was the bright and colourful colouring.

    I found it challenging to rub out the lines without riping it.

    I have a mandala dot to dot at home from in Europe.

    from Lucena

  22. Dear Mrs Baldwin
    I enjoyed mostly the creating and collaring in.
    I found the drawing the hardest.
    I saw it as a peas of art.

    By Tyla🦄

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