Persuasive Advertisements

This term our genre topic we are learning about is persuasion.

We started by looking at many different persuasive advertisements.  We worked in pairs and we chose one advertisement to answer some questions about the techniques that the company used to persuade us with. We used our iPads to access a website called Padlet which allowed us to record our answers on a page and also see each others responses. This was a great way to see what others in the class thought about the advertisements as well as a different way to record and discuss our ideas to the class.

The questions we answered were:

  • Who created it?
  • For what purpose?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • Where might you find this advertisement?
  • How do they try to persuade you?
  • How does it make you feel?
  • What is left out of this advertisement?

We discovered that there are many techniques that can be used to persuade people of your opinion.

Some advertisements used only pictures. Some used information and statistics and some used celebrities.

Some advertisements used persuasive words such as ‘must’ ‘best’ ‘amazing’ ‘life changing’ to convince us that their product was the best.

We also discovered that different advertisements played with our emotions to convince us because not every product made us feel happy or make us laugh.

We also discovered that people or companies would leave out some important information in their product and only included the ‘good bits’ to convince us such as leaving out the price or the nutritional value.

Check out our thoughts that we wrote on Padlet by clicking on each one below!

In the next few weeks we will be looking at the structure of persuasion texts and the types of words that can be used to convoke readers that our opinion is correct. We will then have the opportunity to choose a topic that we feel passionate about and write a persuasive piece on.

Can you explain some techniques that can be used to convince people that your opinion is correct?

Has there been an advertisement that you have seen that has convinced you to buy the product? If so what was it and what convinced you to buy it?

What topic do you think you might choose to write a persuasive writing piece on?

5 thoughts on “Persuasive Advertisements

  1. Dear mrs Baldwin,
    To convince people you can use strong words like certainly,agree,must and many more.

    iPad because the picture and they used strong words.

    I think i mite wright about dogs are better then cats.

  2. Dear mrs Baldwin, one of the techniques I would recommend to use is using strong words
    Because it can really persuade people to do that thing whether its buying a tooth brush to cleaning up the kitchen 😉Now on to the second Question you ask what avertizment have I seen that persuaded me to buy it well obviously PEPSI !!!!!!!!!😝😝😝😝😝 well if I wrote a persuasive writing piece it would have to be 🐱 are better than 🐶 If you don’t understand that is cats are better than dogs sooooo yeah thanks for 📖 my comment bye from me (AKA Tilly)🐳🐼💩🐶🤡🦄🦊🐯

  3. Dear Mrs Bladwin,
    something that i think can get people to believe in me is to have a strong option and to always be positive about it. The add that convinced me was the pepsi add because i know that it is bad for you but i wanted to try it. I would of chosen pepsi and that it is not good for you but you can try it.

  4. Dear Mrs Baldwin, one of the techniques I would recommend is to use strong words that really convince people to buy what ever you are trying to sell.

    Pepsi because the coke straw its like don’t put me in no

    Pepsi because it looks easy

    Bye from me (AKA JORDAN)🐬🐳

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