The Daily 4

This week we have finally begun the Daily 4 in the classroom. The Daily 4 involves us working in groups and undertaking different activities for 20 minutes each.

The activities include:

Word Work- completing our spelling contract for the week.

Work on Writing- working in the pods and commenting on a post on our class blog.

Read to Self – finding a comfortable and relaxing place in the room to read silently.

Read to a Partner – reading with a partner in the corridor. 

Before we started we discussed why each of these activities are important to us. We then brainstormed the correct behaviours to have while we are doing each task. We recorded these in our books and also made posters for each to remind us. Here are the ideas we came up with:

Read to a Partner

Read to Self

Word Work

Work on Writing

Reading Stamina

We have also been working on our reading stamina. This involves pracising to read independently for a certain period of time without being distracted or disturbed by anything. Building reading stamina supports us to read for an extended time, trains muscle memory and supports an increased attention. Our goal is for our class to read for 20 minutes without any interruptions. Each week we practise our reading stamina by increasing a minute each time. It is important when we read that we find a comfortable position in the room, we have a ‘Good Fit Book’ and we are not near anybody that may distract us. So far our reading stamina is 3 minutes.

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Mrs Baldwin was very impressed with how everyone worked for the first time during the Daily 4.


Which activity do you enjoy the most in the Daily 4 and why? 

Why do you think it is important to practise writing and spelling? 

Why do you think it is important to use the correct behaviours when completing each activity in your group?

15 thoughts on “The Daily 4

  1. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    I enjoy “read to self” the most because i love reading i finished nearly all the diary of a wimpy kid books.

    because it is challenging and helps for spelling test on Friday.

    so when it is a good activity you don’t miss out.

    from Zac🍕

  2. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    My favourite activity is read to partner because you can hear the other person read and you can help them when they get stuck.
    I think it is important to practise spelling and writing because if you practise you will get better.
    I think you should use your good behaviours because if you don’t you will never complete your activity with your team.
    From Matilda🐕🐶🐕🐶🐕🐶🐕🐶😎

  3. Dear mrs Baldwin
    The activity I enjoy the most is blog writing because i get to be on a laptop the reason i enjoy being on a laptop is because at home my brother hogs the computer.

    I think it is important to practise spelling and writing because if you don’t in the future when you write letters to someone they won’t understand it.

    I think its important to use the correct behaviour because if you don’t then you could hurt somebody
    from kyra😈🦁🐾

  4. To Miss Baldwin,
    I enjoy blog writing and read to self because we get to read our book and try to finish the book also we get to speak to you when we are at home.

    So when we are older it can help us with our jobs.

    So you don’t miss out on the fun activity’s and so you don’t miss out on working as a team
    From Constantina

  5. Dear mrs Baldwin
    My favourite activity in daily 4 is work on writing because we do, mrs Baldwin’s class blog and studyladder.

    I think it is important to do Writing and spelling because you learn new words and you can get your pen licence.

    From Harrison

  6. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    My favourite activity is read to a partner because you hear how good they are and help them if they need help.
    I think it is important because you want to get better at spelling and writing every time you do it. Because if you get really angry you can get into trouble and that means you are not doing your work.

    From Ruby.

  7. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    In the daily 4 my favourite activity is read to partner because if you get stuck on a word your partner can help you and you can get better at reading.

    I think that it is important to learn spelling and writing because spelling can help you learn new words and their definition and writing can help you learn how to do persuasive writing and recounts.

    So that your group can be on task and finish their work and so that they can be organised.

    Regards Chloe

  8. Dear mrs baldwin,
    My favourite rotation in daily 4 is the blog writing because it helps me with my typing skills and; cause i love to work with electronics. I think practicing spelling and writing is important cause when we grow up it matters what job we have we will need to write neatly.Otherwise we will be the ones to miss out on stuff like sport or art so you really need to behave for the teacher otherwise it get too hard for her. So on thanks for looking mrs baldwin
    from Tilly

  9. Dear Mrs Baldwin
    The part I enjoy in the daily four is read to partner because we can help each other and tell how good they were.

    From Laksmon

  10. Dear Mrs Baldwin
    I like work on writing because I get to uptodate and when I’m finished with my
    Work We will be able to do study ladder.

  11. Dear Mrs Baldwin
    I love to do read to partner because we are practicing reading out loud to be confident readers and our partners can help

    From jorja😜🐶

  12. Dear Mrs Baldwin
    My favourite rotation is word work and work on writing because you can finish your work and write.
    I think it’s important to practice spelling because we need to be educated at school so we can be smart.
    So everyone can finish but if you don’t work you will have more home work and if you don’t finish that you’ll have to stay in at lunch
    From Jordan🐨👻:)

  13. Dear miss Baldwin
    My favourite thing in the daily 4 is blog writing because I like
    to post comments and I love to work on electronics .
    Most of all is looking at the blog .

    From Amelia

  14. Dear miss Baldwin
    my favourite actity in daily 4 is blog writing because you can send different posts to you.
    Because you can learn how to write really amazing words different meanings.
    Well it’s, important because you don’t have to stress and be so angry .
    Regards Tyler😎👑🤑👽🎩🍉🍕🍟🍩🍿🍫⚽️🏉🏀🏏

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