Once a weekΒ our class participates in handwriting lessons. Handwriting skills are very important as there are many times during the day where you will need to write something down such as shopping list, writing in a card or filling out important forms.


At the beginning of the class we discuss the following:

  1. correct posture – chair pushed in straight, back straight and both feet on the floor or hanging straight down.
  2. clear desk and that your book is straight in front of you with nothing blocking you when you write.
  3. Pencil is sharpened
  4. Fingers are relaxed when holding your pencil
  5. Correct pencil grip


We have begun the year by practising writing different letters of the alphabet. Mrs. Baldwin shows us how to write each one on the board. We must make sure that we have the “kick” at the end of each letter because that helps to then link onto the next one.

During this time we also listen to relaxation music which helps us to relax our finger muscles and focus when writing each letter. Some students have already achieved their pen license this term because they have consistently tried their personal best with their handwriting. This means they can now use a pen in all of their book work except math’s or when drawing a diagram. Mrs Baldwin is confident that more people will achieve their pen license this year.

Well done everybody and keep up the great work!

How does the handwriting lessons help you become a better writer?

Why do you think handwriting is an important subject in school?

What do you find the most challenging or what do you enjoy the most about our weekly handwriting lessons?

6 thoughts on “Handwriting

  1. dear mrs b


    what if we don’tπŸ˜‰

    the writing✏️

    from james


  2. Mrs baldwin,

    it helps me with my cursive.

    Because you need to be neat so the teachers can read your work.

    the extra sentences challenge me.

    From Dylan

  3. dear miss b

    handwriting helps me because it always push me out of my comforted zone.

    i think it will help kids because they may not be used to writing in cursive.

    what i find most challenging is the writing because i HATEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE writing in curesive because it is sooooooooo hard

    FROM THE BEST STUDENT KEIREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Dear miss Baldwin,
    Q #1- because you have to write on and in the lines.

    Q #2- otherwise you can’t read letters from people that write in cursive.

    Q #3- my favourite part is it being very quiet in the room and doing my very best!

    love kaitlyn!

  5. Dear Ms Baldwin,
    it teaches me new strategies and how to to them.

    It is important because it teaches you to be neat.

    What i find most challenging is trying to write neatly.

    from amani

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