Term 3 Special Guests

On the last week of Term 3 we were lucky enough to have 2 special guests some and visit us at school.

The first was Anna Meares who is an Olympic Cyclist. She is the best performed Australia womens cyclist we have ever had. She spoke to us about her success as a cyclist and what made her want to become a professional athlete. Most importantly she gave us some very strong and positive messages about growth mindset. She explained the importance of persistence and to have a strong mind with never giving up.

Two students from our class were chosen to ask Anna some questions. Check it out below.

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Our second special guest was a man named Daniel Kirk.

He was an SANFL Footballer who suffered a permanent injury to his ankle whilst playing football. It never completed healed which meant he had to give up football due to the pain. Over the last year he has been training very hard in discus and is hoping to make the 2020 para-olympic team. He has already achieved some amazing results and is well on his way with achieving this goal.

He showed us the special shoes he now has to wear and other pieces of equipment that support him. He also explained to us the importance of never giving up and to always try to look at the positive side of things. Unfortunately life doesn’t always go to plan, but the key is to be strong minded and make the best out of any situation. He is a huge inspiration to us all and we wish him well with his dream to represent Australia in the next Para-Olympics.

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What did you learn about listening to these two guest speakers?

24 thoughts on “Term 3 Special Guests

  1. Dear mrs b

    I learnt that sport isn’t always easy and sometimes you get injured

    a couple of years ago a player on my rugby team woodvile wasps broke there collar bone😱💀☠️

    from james

  2. Dear Mrs Baldwin,

    i learned that you do not have to have all the right gear to play a sport
    you can participate in any sport at any age and any sport. Anna also told us to tell us to follow your sport dreams and all dreams

    from sphie 😘

  3. Dear Mrs Baldwin,

    I was really excited when I was chosen to talk and ask questions too Anna,
    and even more amazed when Daniel came to talk about himself.
    I loved questioning Anna because she also answerd reasonably back,
    I learnt from Daniel that no matter how you look or feel you can achieve anything,
    and I learnt from Anna that it doesn’t matter if you are terrible at
    something, and you really enjoy it, keep trying and many you to can be an olympian.

    Always Ava

  4. Dear mrs Baldwin,

    I learnt that you don’t have to own a pair of running shoes or goggles to go to the olympics you can do anything you set your mind to. But you have have to practise if you want to get better perfect is a fantasy and it doesn’t matter if you don’t do it the first time you will always have a second chance.

    from Bridie

  5. Dear Mrs Baldwin,

    I learned that Anna Meares is the most experienced at her sport. I also learnt that Daniel is a size 14 in shoes and used to play for the Woodville West Torrens.

    From Dylan

  6. Dear Ms Baldwin
    I lernt that even though you may get a few set backs you should still believe that you can do what you want to do. It was really interesting how Anna meares broke her neck and after a while got back to ridding her bike. I can’t believe that with both of these people had a massive set back and are still as good as any other athlete, many even better.

    From Tia

  7. Dear mrs Baldwin,

    I learnt that Anna Meares is the most successful woman in her sport and that she can go up to 70 kph.
    I learnt that Daniel has size 14 shoes and he was trained as a paralympian but didn’t quite get in to the 2016 games.

  8. Hey Mrs B

    I learnt that no matter what tools that you have or what competitors you are up against trying your best is what counts and that is what any professional sport player will tell.

    Sincerely Sergio

  9. that people with disabilities can still do the things we can do!

    Anna Meares is retiring😬 Nooooooooo,… she has won hundreds of medals!

  10. dear mrs baldwin i liked That anna mears because she had a good understanding everything we said and the daniel he is trying to be a para olympic and his story is amazing

  11. Dear Mrs Baldwin
    the thing i learnt listening to these two guest speakers is how hard it is to get into the Olympics and to try your hardest to train.

  12. To mrs Baldwin
    I learnt from the to guest speakers
    was that practise makes perfect
    and try new things

    and even though you might have some thing might hurt you still got to try

    from sophia

  13. Dear Mrs Baldwin,

    I learnt that even if you broke or badly damaged yourself you can still do lots of sports.Also I learnt that you never give up even if your losing.

  14. Dear mrs Baldwin,

    I learnt that how important it is to keep care of your body and how hard it is to get in the Olympics.

    From Emily

  15. Dear mrs Baldwin,
    I learnt that you should never give up and that if you try then you will achieve your goals. and if you have a bad injury then that shouldn’t stop you.

    Kind Regards

  16. Dear Ms Baldwin,

    I learnt that if you never give up and just keep on trying you can achieve anything even if you have a disability or lost a leg or an arm.
    from Tarj

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