Mayoral Make-a-Book – iMovie Part 1

Over the last week we have begun using our Mayoral Make-a-books to create a read aloud iMovie. This has been a great experience because we are using technology to help us with our reading in a fun and creative way.

Mrs Baldwin took photos of all the pages in our books before they were sent away for the competition. We decided in our group, who would read each page. We have been practising reading the pages aloud. It is very important that we use expression in our voices and read fluently and clearly so that whoever listens  can understand and be entertained by our story.

The four things good readers do when reading with expression are:

(1) They change pitch. Expressive readers make their voices go up and down. They go up at the beginning of a sentence and down at the end (up slightly if it ends with a question mark). 

(2) They change rhythm. Expressive readers speed up and slow down when they read. They also take appropriate pauses—big ones at the end of a sentence, smaller ones in between and after commas. 

(3) They change volume. Expressive readers say some words louder than others. In general, little words are said softer than more important words. Changes in volume are often used to create emphasis.

(4) They change tone. Sometimes readers use a soft, warm voice; sometimes their voice is cold and hard. They do this to communicate different feelings—soft and warm usually means nice, calm, or even sad; hard and cold can mean scary, angry, or excited.

We have all now created a title page for our movie which is ‘Mayoral Make-A-Book 2016.’ We have begun uploading the pictures of our book into the movie. The fun part so far has been choosing the sound effects that we can include in our story to make it more entertaining.

An example is that if our story said ‘In a dark and stormy night, the girl crept out of bed.’ We could find a sound effect such as “heavy rain” that would match what is happening in our story at that time.

We are now up to recording our voices using iMovie and incorporating the sound effects throughout the story. This requires skill because we have to drag and move the sound effects and recordings around to match the pictures and make sure that there is no awkward pauses or mismatched pictures and sounds. This means we need a lot of patience and ‘trial and error’ and we always need to make sure we listen back to what we have recorded.
img_0839 img_0840 img_0841 img_0842 img_0843 img_0844 img_0845 img_0846 img_0848 img_0849 img_0851

Our next step will be to place all the transitions in between each photos and any last minute visual effects.

Once we have finished Mrs Baldwin will upload them onto our blog and hopefully use them to create a QR code that can be sent home to parents to keep. Stay tuned for part 2 for more info…

What have you enjoyed the most about making your iMovie?

What skills have you learnt from using iMovie?

What do you think is really important when reading a story aloud to people and why?

What did you find challenging when making your movie and reading your story?

26 thoughts on “Mayoral Make-a-Book – iMovie Part 1

  1. Dear Mrs Baldwin,

    the thing I liked most about making my iMovie was probably playing around with the sounds and just making the iMovie I think it is a fun thing to do and I really enjoy it.
    The skills I have learnt from doing my iMovie was probably making the whole iMovie on the computer because I haven’t made a iMovie on the computer before so I had no idea how to make one but over time I learnt how to and now I can do it easily.
    I think it is important to use expression and to read loudly to the person that you are reading to.
    I found it most challenging to get my voice recording right the first time so I didn’t take long and I could finish my iMovie quicker.

    From Bridie

  2. Dear mrs B

    I enjoyed making the credits

    using I movie I have learnt how to pice together a movie very well😎

    when I read to someone I use expressions

  3. Dear mrs B

    I’ve enjoyed that we got to do a project with a partner we choosed and use new tech.
    The skills that I learnt was that you an put screen changes on iMovie.
    Its important when reading to people that you talk fluently and change voices

    from Connor

  4. Dear Miss Baldwin,

    I have enjoyed using sound effects the most for example “simple” a nice little song and lots of cool other ones like “neon”

    I have learnt that you can import music into “iMovie” and have it at the end like say one of the star wars themes as a happy music ending.

    I think fluency is important when you read out loud because if you don’t you are basically making a mistake every line.

    From Finn

  5. dear miss b ,

    i have enjoyed doing the sound affects i mostly like the music ones

    the skills i have learnt using iMovie are you need to be patient and i am the opposite of patient

    it is important to express so if the character is sad you would use a soft voice because then the listener would understand the story more

    the thing that i found challenging was making both picture and sound the same size

    kind regards

    1. dear Laila,

      you are right you are inpatient so no lies there.
      but you did not give up as our group had to start agin you kept with it.
      it was a pleasure working with you

      form sophie😛

  6. Dear Mrs Baldwin,

    I have enjoyed working with my friend Aimme and discovering her thoughts.
    She had some very interesting ideas and has already planned for next years story!
    Also Imovie can be very difficult and can muddle up a bit, so I enjoyed fiddling around with it and the sound affects!

    I probably learnt how to import pictures into Imovie, and how to get somewhere quicker!
    when I started Imovie I had no clue on what each button could mean so I started fiddling around and got stuck quiet quickly.

    It`s important to read out loud because people want to know what you are thinking, but if they don`t know then its hard for you to explain. also its good to know how your reading and comprehension is going.


  7. Dear Mrs Baldwin,

    I have enjoyed doing the whole iMovie because I find it very enjoyable and creative and every lesson I am excited to go down to the library.

    The skills I have learnt from making my iMovie was probably making the whole iMovie I had no idea how to make a movie on the computer until I tried and I succeeded now I find that it is an easy thing to do.

    It is important when reading aloud to people that you are loud and fluent and that everyone can understand you and hear you and that you could change your voice for a different character.

  8. Dear Mrs Baldwin,

    I have enjoyed most about making my IMovie is listing to sound effects & working with friends.

    The skills I learnt using IMovie is putting photos to my story. I also learnt how that I have be patient & wait.

    Its important when reading aloud to people is to have confidence, fluency, clear voice , stopping at full stops $ knowing the words.

    Kind regards sophie

  9. Dear mrs Baldwin,

    I have mostly enjoyed just working with friends and having lots of fun and laughter.

    The skill I have learned is how to put sound effects in it.

    It is important when you’re reading to people that you use punctuation and expression.

    from yours truly David.

  10. Dear miss baldwin

    i have enjoyed recording because i like listing to my mistakes and my accent

    The skills i have learned using iMovie are that i can now do effects and sound effects

    Its important to make sure you listen to make sure you don’t make any mistakes

  11. Dear Mrs Baldwin,

    I enjoyed working with Steven the most because he makes funny but great voices for each character.

    The skills I have learnt using iMovie are to do your best, put lots of sound effects and you need a transition after every scene.

    Its important when reading aloud to people to net get nervous or laugh because you usually don’t have a second chance.

    from dylan

  12. Dear mrs baldwin,
    I have enjoyed that you can do what ever you want to do on it plus you can make movies as well.The skills i have learnt are that i know where all of the buttons. it is important to read aloud so the audience will hear you properly and know what you are saying.

    From Steven

  13. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    I have enjoyed working with a partner and recording our voices. I like recording our voices because we have some really funny words in our text like flabagasted, physco and bonkas.

    I have learnt how to import photos into iMovie. I now know that you have to go into some special things to import your photos.

    It is important to use expressions when reading aloud to people. Expressions make your book/text sound more exiting which is always a good thing.

    I found finding different sounds for words hard as theres not always the sound that you want. My group fixed this problem by taking our time and having a very big range of what we want.

    I love using the program iMovie because theres lots of different things you can do to make it sound cool.

    From Tia

  14. Dear mrs Baldwin,

    I enjoyed making well doing voice overs and talking.😉

    the skills i learnt are putting sound effects in because they are cool sounding and my second thing is putting the tittle in because i had no idea that you could do that!

    Reading a story aloud to people is important because then they can hear the expression like say you were reading to someone who can not read they would want to know so much!😁

    from Matilda

  15. Dear Mrs Baldwin

    I have enjoyed reading to the computer and when my team mates make faces.

    The skills I have learned are how to need to record and not to laugh… you need to send them away.

    It’s important when you read aloud to people you do faces and hand movements so they can get more of a picture.

  16. Dear mrs Baldwin

    I have enjoyed that we got to do these things that is awesome to do,we tec stuff its was fun to do
    The skills I have learnt is to use it right. Recording was hard to do with so much noise
    It is important when reading aloud to people that you language is loud so your voice is good and clear to read

  17. Dear mrs Baldwin,
    the skills i have learnt is how to put the sound affects in because i did not know how to before

    I have enjoyed most working with finn because he has been really nice

    it is important when reading out loud because you need to beware of your souroudings

    from lachlan

  18. dear mrs baldwin,

    i have enjoyed putting the sound effects and listing
    to the movie.

    the skills i have learnt using iMovie are how to put the transitions
    in-between the pictures.

    it is important when reading aloud to people that you read at a good pace because
    the person you are reading to can barley hear you.

    kind regards

  19. Dear Mrs Baldwin
    I have enjoyed working with my partner and listening tour mistakes.

    The skills I have learnt using iMovie are getting the sounds affects up and recording my voice.

    It is important when reading aloud to people that you speak fluently and not to quietly.

  20. Dear Mrs Baldwin,

    I have enjoyed reading and practicing my pages.

    The skill I have leant using iMovie is that you can’t save it but it saves on that computer.

    It is important when reading out loud to people that you all ways us expression because then the listener is still interested for a long time.

  21. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    I have enjoyed most working in groups and using technology and having fun.

    The skills I have learnt are
    Using iMovie and learning how to get pictures from a us and record your voice

    Its impotent when reading aloud to people that you
    Read fluently and the person that you are reading to understands you and is interested in what you are reading.
    From sophia

  22. Dear Mrs Baldwin,

    I have enjoyed being able to listen to the sound effects especially Neon because it is a cool wrapping sound effect,

    The skills I have learnt are using the house &using threes to,

    It is important to read aloud because if you don’t some people might not understand what you are saying.You also have to read clearly.

    From Tarj

  23. G’day Ms B,

    I really liked expressing my voice I also liked listening to all the sound effects and music.😎

    I learnt that in imovie expression is very crucial also to use sound effects.

    When reading I loud it is important to have fun and express words also read loud and clear so people can hear you. Not be bored and have an awesome time (which I did)

  24. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    The thing I enjoyed most about iMovie is doing the recording because it was fun to test the sounds.

    The skills I have learnt using iMovie are how to put in sound effects in to our movie.

    It is important when reading aloud to people that you use expression so that you are not boring and also so that people are entertained.

    Regards ,Alicia

  25. dear miss Baldwin,

    Ive enjoyed reading my mayoral make a book and making an iMovie out of it!
    I think I’ve learnt how to make an iMovie better than I did last year because I learnt how to put in and search sound affects!
    I think its best not to look down at the book when reading it and try not to make to many mistakes because people will be able to here you and people know what the story is about better!

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