Book Week 2016

This year the Children’s Book Council of Australia is celebrating its 70th Anniversary of Book Week!  This years theme is

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Over the past 2 weeks Mrs. Baldwin has been reading us the books that have been shortlisted for this year. The books we have read are:

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We have done many things this week as a school and also as a class to celebrate Book Week.

Whole School Dress Up and Parade

On Wednesday our school dressed up in our favourite book characters and held an assembly in the Quad where we had a parade. This was a lot of fun and it was terrific to see everyone dressed up in a variety of characters.

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Book Week Activity

This year we created an Australian outback display in our classroom. Mrs Baldwin took a photo of each of us reading a book and placed our pictures on the large display area. We also wrote a reflection piece answering the following questions:

I enjoy reading because..

My favourite book to read is…

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As a class we discussed these 2 questions and we really thought about why we have such a love for reading. In Room 10 we all enjoy reading a variety of texts from fiction, non fiction, magazines, novels, picture books, articles and we practise reading daily each morning in our literacy block.

It has been a massive week!!


What have you enjoyed the most about book week this year and why?

Which book did you enjoy and why?

What did you dress up as this year?

16 thoughts on “Book Week 2016

  1. i have enjoyed dressing up this year because it made me read lots of other books that I forgot about . I enjoyed reading mr huff because it was cool when his bad thoughts turned into mr huff. I dressed up as davie warner from David Warners book the kaboom kid.

    -regards Finn🤑

  2. dear miss b,

    the thing that i enjoyed most about book week was the parade because it gave you a chance to see everyones costume

    i liked mr huff because it had lots of creativity and good illustrations

    i dressed up as a person from the book called charlotte and brittany (i went as charlotte)

    from Laila

  3. to dear Mrs Baldwin,

    i have enjoyed book week this year because you made me laugh with your mrs possum magic in the room & that most people where dressed up my fav cotume was Ava’s charlie and the chocolate factory.
    the book i enjoyed out of the shortlisted books was the pig the pug fibber because it was funny an very interesting. i dressed up as brittany from the book brittany and shrler

    from Sophie

  4. Dear Mrs Baldwin,

    I enjoyed book week this year because of the parade it was great to see different peoples costumes.
    and what their fav book is.

    My fav book out of the short listed books would have to be pig the fibber because it was funny
    and enjoyable to read.

    I dressed up as cookie monster because it was something quirky to do.

  5. 1 i enjoyed parade because it is a good way to show people who you dressed up as.

    2 i enjoyed the cow jumped over the moon because the cow keep’s failing but is persistent.

    3 i dressed up as frank hardy from the hardy boys series

  6. Dear mrs Baldwin I enjoyed the parade because it was really cool to see everyone dressed up as lost of different things

    I enjoyed mr huff the most because it was a very valuable lesson which was to always to look on the bright side of things.

    For book week I dressed up as Peter from Narnia.

  7. Dear miss Baldwin,
    I enjoyed that most people dressed up as something different to last year but some didn’t but thats ok.
    I enjoyed the book “Mr huff” because I really enjoyed how the pictures were designed and how interesting it was.
    I dressed up as Melony from The palomino pony series.

  8. Dear Ms Baldwin

    I enjoyed dressing up mostly because you got to show it to everyone. I enjoyed reading ‘The cow tripped over the moon’ because the cow had a growth mindset. I dressed up as the cat in the hat.

    From Dylan

  9. Hi Mrs Baldwin

    I enjoyed the parade because it was a good chance to show of my style and costume.

    I enjoyed the winner of the picture book of the year Mr Huff because I felt it shows even when your having a terrible day you just have to beat that fluffy monster that is putting you down to find your happiness.

    This year in 2016 I dressed up as the undercover spy named Zac Power because on his missions he is always very secretly, sneakily and mysteriously doing it his own way.

    Sincerely Sergio Barone.😑

  10. i enjoyed book week because we dress up and we got to do it the quad again and mrs carmens year 3 and 4s did a mini dance.

    my book i enjoy is going solo by roahl dahl.

    i dressed up as thing 2 from the cat in the hat.

  11. Dear mrs baldwin
    this year for i dressed up as BATMAN!!!!!!!!!! I loved book week this year i wish it was every day i had so much fun .

  12. Dear miss Baldwin
    I enjoyed everything about book week.
    I liked the Cow Tripped Over The Moon because it was funny.
    I dressed up as Twilight Sparkle from Pony Party.

    Regards, Alicia

  13. Dear Mrs Baldwin,

    🎶I liked how we saw a small dance.🎶
    In enjoyed pig the pug because it very funny.😆
    I dressed up as blue from pokemon.

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