Going for Gold in Term 3!

This term we have started with a BANG by getting straight back into some fantastic learning! To kick start our term we have created some new goals for ourselves. Some of us found that we had achieved our goals that we had from the beginning of the year so it was time to set ourselves some new challenges.

This term we are …


As the Summer Olympics begin soon, Mrs Baldwin created a display which includes our goals that we want to achieve. We will also have a medal count and we will begin collecting any news paper articles that show athletes having a growth mindset with persistence, practise and hard work which has allowed them to win a medal in Rio. It is also important for us to have a growth mindset so that we can achieve our learning goals this year!

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What are the Olympics?

The first known Olympic Games was recorded in around 776 BC in Olympia, Greece. They were celebrated until 396 AD. The Ancient Olympic Games consisted of only one race, the “stade” race, which was the length of the stadium and between 180 and 240 metres long (we don’t know for sure). Over the years more running races and other events were added, including boxing, wrestling, chariot racing, long jump, javelin and discus throwing. The first modern Olympic Games were held in Athens in 1896

Prior to each Games, the Olympic Torch or Flame is lit in Olympia, Greece and brought to the host city by runners carrying the torch in relay. The five interlocking rings (blue, yellow, black, green, and red respectively) of the emblem was originally designed in 1913 by Pierre de Coubertin, to symbolise the five continents of the world taking part in the Olympic Games.



This term is jam packed with learning. Some of these include:

Swimming lessons

Narrative Writing – Mayoral Make-a-Book Competition

Maths – Fractions, Money, Measurement

Geography – Focusing on Africa, South America and Australia

Science – Rock and Soil Types, weathering and erosion

ICT – typing, imovies,

Book Week 2016

WOW! This term by far will be the busiest yet, but we all can not wait to get stuck into it!


What are you looking forward to this term and why?

Do you enjoy watching the olympics? What sports or athletes are you looking forward to seeing in the Olympics?


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