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In Room 10 our class participate in the Daily 3 every Tuesday – Friday where we focus on different reading and writing choices for each group to complete. To complement this program we will now be looking closer at different reading strategies using a program called the Daily CAFE.

Daily CAFE will help us understand and master the 4 areas of successful reading.

CAFE stands for:


We are very lucky this term to have Sue Godfrey visiting our classroom every Wednesday morning to teach us about reading strategies and the CAFE.

For our first lesson Sue asked us the question:

“What do good readers do when they read?”

Everyone spent a few minutes reading a book quietly in their heads while paying attention what we do when we read to ourselves.

Sue then asked us to share our thoughts with a partner and then write down 2 responses on 2 post-it slips that we had each.

We all had a turn placing our strategies for reading where we thought would fit under one of the CAFE headings.

IMG_9806 IMG_9805 IMG_9804 IMG_9803 IMG_9802


We discovered that most of us were quite confident in being able to visualise pictures in our heads when we read, predict what will happen next in a story, make connections between ourselves and the characters and events and making sure that if there is a word that doesn’t make sense that we re-read the word to help us understand what we are reading.

Check out some of our answers here

IMG_9807 IMG_9808 IMG_9809 IMG_9810

There are many strategies that good readers do when reading.


Over the next few weeks during the Daily 3 rotations Sue and Mrs Baldwin will be working with groups on different strategies to help us improve our comprehension, accuracy, fluency and expanding our vocabulary.

To finish we had a discussion of the importance to practise reading each day. Sue discussed with us about the difference between people who read 5 minutes every day to those who read many more minutes of reading every day.



We all know that Mrs Baldwin sets 20 minutes of reading for homework every evening. We also do quiet reading every day during the Daily 3. Mrs Baldwin loves how so many students really enjoy reading in Room 10, and this shows with students filling in the Premiers Reading Challenge and also making the most of the class library along with library borrowing time very Friday.

Well done to all the fantastic readers in our class and we look forward to building on our reading strategies this year.

What reading strategy do you think you do really well?

What reading strategy do you feel you would like to improve on?

How many minutes do you read every night?

22 thoughts on “The Daily Cafe – Reading Strategies

  1. Hi Miss Baldwin

    I liked doing the cafe thing with comprehension and accuracy ,fluency and expanding vocabulary

    From FinnπŸ˜„

  2. Hi Miss Baldwin

    i think i do well on the fluency strategy i think i need to improve on the expanding vocabulary i think i read 50mins to 1hour every night

    From FinnπŸ˜„

  3. dear Mrs Baldwin

    competition strategy because i can read the text well however i can’t read the text well if
    its not a suitable book for my age group if it a book for my age group

    i can improve on fluncy because i don’t really under stand it yet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i read up too 45 minutes a day

    from Sophie

  4. Dear Mrs Baldwin,

    I think I do the accuracy straegy the best because I always come across word I don’t know so I try to work them out bit by bit.I need to work on the Expanding vocabulary a bit more and I read for a hour.

    From Bridie

  5. Dear mrs Baldwin
    I use all of them but I prefer fluency more.
    I feel like I need to improve on expanding vocabulary.
    I read about 20-25 minutes.

  6. dear mrs baldwin,
    I read the book over and over again very well but, if I get bored of the book I can’t read it again .I would very much like to just expand my words because all the time I use the same words over and over again . I read about 60 minutes a night and I am still not a good reader can you believe that .


  7. Howdy miss baldwin
    I am really good at using comprehension because I have been using that strategy for a long time.

    I think that I need to work on expanding my vocabulary because then I will have more knowledge in words.

    I read 40/1hour a night.

    When you were little how many minutes did you read?

    Regards Alicia

  8. Dear Ms Baldwin,

    I’m pretty good at vocabularies and fluency so I think i’m doing good!πŸ‘πŸ»

    Probably accuracy I blurt out words like tee opps I meant that πŸ™ƒ

  9. Dear Mrs Baldwin

    I think I understand what I read well and re read if it is needed because who knows if I was wrong.

    I want to improve on expanding my vocabulary because I like to not get stuck and it’s fun to know more than before.

    As you know we are supposed to read twenty minutes each night but I throw in some extension so I read forty five minutes every night.

    Yours truly Sergio.

  10. Dear Mrs Baldwin

    I think that I do the accuracy strategy best . I need to improve on my fluency and I read 35-40 minutes each night.

  11. dear mrs Baldwin,

    I love having mrs sue in our class!
    It helps me a lot with learning new things including reading strategies like
    going back to make shore that it makes sense to me.


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