What properties does this material have?

Our science topic for this term is called Material World. In this topic we have been learning about:

  • the properties of materials and how they relate to use
  • how to test the properties of materials fairly and how to use this knowledge to choose materials wisely.
  • Which materials have desirable properties but have less impact on the environment.

We began by discussing what we thought these three scientific words meant

Object: a thing that can be seen and touched


Material: the substance of which an object is made out of.


Properties: the characteristics or feature of the material. Describing the material and what it can do.

We then looked at different pieces of clothing and discussed what the object was, what material it was made out of and the properties of the material. For example:








keeps the heat in (warm)

Next we worked in small groups and we were given a different type of glove to study. Our task was to draw the glove in our books and include the following:

  • What might this glove be used for?
  • What  material/materials do you think the glove is made of?
  • What properties does this material have?
  • Why do you think it is made of that material?

During this activity we discovered some different materials such as suede and leather that some of us had never seen or heard of before. It also made us really think about the uses for the glove and to provide reasons why certain types of materials were chosen to make each type of glove.

Mrs Baldwin has set a homework task for the week called ‘bags at home.’ This will be very interesting to see all the different types of bags that we can find and compare the different uses, materials and their properties that each bag has.


Check out this video that summarizes what we have been learning about plus some extra information about how we can change properties of materials!

Can you name 1 object and list the materials it is made of and the properties of those materials?

Why do you think it is important to think about the types of materials you should use when you make something?

What do you think is the difference between a material that is natural and one that is processed? Can you give an example of a natural and processed material?

3 thoughts on “What properties does this material have?

  1. Dear mrs baldwin
    A object that you can touch and fill is a T-shirt it is made from wool or cotton it’s properties are light soft

  2. Dear miss baldwin
    wood, lead
    Hard water proof.

    you have to make sure that the materials are appropriate for the object and that the materials work together make your object make sense.

    A natural material is something that is living like wood. A processed material is something like metal I am pretty sure.

    What do you think you need to make an object work?

    Regards Alicia

  3. Dear miss baldwin,
    My object is a mouse pad. A mouse pad is mad out of foam and silk. The foam is to make the mouse pad soft and squishy. The silk on the mouse pad is there to help the mouse slide across the mat. I think its important to think about what its made out of because if you go to make something you may need to know what to make it out of. A natural material like wood is something you don’t need to do anything with you just need to find it. A prosed material like plastic has been many melted and moaned it to shapes or sizes.

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