Term 2 begins…

Welcome back to Term 2! Mrs Baldwin hopes that everyone had a very relaxing holidays and enjoyable break!

Mrs Baldwin stayed home over the two week holidays and began planning for a very busy and exciting Term 2. Here is a list of some of the activities and topics we will be undertaking this term:

Math’s Fraction Party Investigation

Multiplication and Division investigations

Persuasive Writing and Oral Presentation


Historical Game boards

Edvard Munch Art and Poetry Writing


Fraction Quilt Art

A Material World – Science

Fish in a Tree Novel study


CAT Buddy activities

Accelerated Reader Target Goals

Daily 3 Literacy Rotations

Touch typing and Comic Life creations


Wow what a list!! Mrs Baldwin is very excited about what has been planned for this Term! There may even be a couple of other surprises along the way as well! Definitely a lot to keep Room 10 busy for the next 10 weeks of school!


What was the best part about your holidays?

What are you looking forward to learning or participating in this term?

12 thoughts on “Term 2 begins…

  1. Dear Ms Baldwin,

    my favourite part about the holidays was playing my soccer game & going to the Grand Final where Adelaide beat Western Sydney Wanderers,

    I’m looking forward to playing school soccer & school footy

    from Tarj 😄

  2. Howdy miss baldwin
    The best part about my holidays was going to Tia’s birthday at latitude because I love heights.

    I am looking forward to everything.

    what was the best part about your holiday.

    Kind Regards

  3. Dear Ms Baldwin,

    Going on a trip to Second valley Was really fun,

    ART! I really like art so art for me thanks Ms Baldwin!🤑

  4. Dear Ms Baldwin

    The best thing about my holidays was I got to go to my shake and have fun swimming and surfing at some great beaches.

    I am looking forward toddling some more multiplication because I love maths and I think it is the beast subject I have learnt at school so far so that will be excellent.

    From Sergio 🤖

  5. Hello Mrs Baldwin,

    To be honest I can`t really tell which was
    my favourite part of my holiday to Simalue
    the small island off of Madan.

    I am looking forward to learning new fitness activities😄


  6. dear miss baldwin ,

    my favourite part about my holidays was i got a new baby brother

    im also looking forward to cat buddy activities

  7. Dear miss Baldwin, in the holidays I was really looking forward to tearm two and tears two this year has been fantastic so far!!

    I love school!!!!!!

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