Addition Strategies

The past few weeks we have been learning and practising how to use a variety of addition strategies. Back when Mrs. Baldwin and many of our parents were in school there was often only one strategy taught to students when adding numbers with 2 or more digits. This strategy was the standard algorithm strategy. This is still a strategy that we can use today, however there are many other strategies that we can also use that can help us get the answer to the problem. Here are the strategies we have been focusing on in class:

standard strategycompensation strategy splitting strategy adding on strategy

There are many other strategies that we can also use as well. It really doesn’t matter too much what strategy we choose to use, as long as we know how to use the strategy to get the correct answer. Now that we have practised all these strategies we are able to choose which strategy that suits us that we can use anytime we are trying to solve an addition problem.

We have made some information videos about each strategy to teach people how to solve addition problems.

IMG_9492 from skye baldwin on Vimeo.

IMG_9491 from skye baldwin on Vimeo.

IMG_9493 from skye baldwin on Vimeo.

IMG_9510 from skye baldwin on Vimeo.

We also made some posters to remind us of the 4 main strategies to use when solving addition problems.

IMG_9501 IMG_9500 IMG_9498 IMG_9495 IMG_9494 IMG_9502

Which strategy do you prefer to use and why?

Which strategy do you find the most challenging to use and why?

Do you know any other addition strategies that you could teach the class?

Why do you think it is important to know different addition strategies?

7 thoughts on “Addition Strategies

  1. I really think I have learned something new this year for maths and all the strategies have made me better at maths and I will aways try my best for maths to learn new stuff

  2. Dear Ms Baldwin,

    I would prefer standard algorithm in Plus & minus because I am use to using it which makes the other strategies harder for me,

    I find the adding on strategy the hardest because I have never used it before & it is difficult,

    NO i do not know any other strategies to teach the class,

    I think it is important to know other strategies because if you forget one you will have back ups & you might need different strategies to work out different sums

    From Tarj 😀

  3. Dear Mss Baldwin,

    My favourite strategy is splitting or standard algorithm because there both accurate.✏️

    Adding on because its tricky adding and fitting it all on the paper😁

    Yes the simple 1+1=2. Because you never no when you need them.

  4. Hi Mrs Baldwin,

    I enjoy the adding on strategy because my Mum tort me it last year,
    and I find it fun and easy.
    But the compensation strategy suffed me when I did something wrong.
    NO I don`t know any other strategies to teach the class.
    I think that it is important to know them because if you only know
    one then when you get an answer you don`t know its correct because
    it might be wrong in a different strategy.


  5. Dear, Mrs Baldwin

    I prefer the Standard Alogorithm because it’s the easiest strategy. I find the splitting strategy challenging because you have to carry lots of numbers. NO. so you can use one and check with one.

    From Dylan

  6. DearMrs Baldwin ,
    I most like to use the standard algorithm because if you have only a small piease of paper you can do the sum easly.
    Find most challenging was the comensation stragedy because you have to take a number and then plus that number .
    Yes I think that it is important to know different stratgedys because you do not have to use the way you always do

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