The sounds in Spelling

This year our class will be using the Sound Waves program for Spelling. This program allows us to learn and recognise the different sounds that letters make when reading out words. We began by discussing what phoneme’s and grapheme’s are.


 the smallest unit of sound in a word. When we say or hear the sound it is a phoneme.



the letter or letter combination used to represent a phoneme in written form. When we write the sound it is called a grapheme.


None of us knew what these two words meant which was great because by learning about these words our brain grew with new knowledge that we can now use when trying to spell difficult words!

We each have a chart with all the consonant and vowel sounds. Each phoneme is represented by a ‘sound box’. The sound for the sound box is worked out by saying the icon name, then saying the sound represented by the first letter(s) in the box when we say the word. We also discovered that some graphemes have more than 1 sound. For example  the grapheme ‘er’ in the word ladder is not the same sound as in the word her.



After discussing the different graphemes we practiced the sounds by playing many different games. We also wrote our first names by listening to the phonemes and using the icon pictures from the ‘sound boxes.’ Can you guess the names below?

IMG_9317 IMG_9318 IMG_9319 IMG_9320 IMG_9321 IMG_9322 IMG_9323

Each week we focus on a new sound using list words that all have the same phoneme. By learning the different sounds correctly this will help us spell more challenging words and to sound out words when reading.

How has listening to the phonemes of each word helped you spell your spelling words or when reading a book?

Can you choose 3 words and write them down. Then count how many sounds are in each word. Record your answers in your comment.

What other graphemes can you see on the chart that have more than one phoneme sound? Record your answers in your comment.

What do you enjoy the most or find challenging when doing your spelling contract?






20 thoughts on “The sounds in Spelling

  1. Dear Miss Baldwin i enjoyed the drawing part because i was hard for me to find sounds that sound like my name from Keiren 😎

    1. Dear mrs Baldwin,
      I couldn’t find an A sound until I came across the snail and it was pretty difficult but It was fun to try.

  2. Hi Ms Baldwin

    I liked the art that we are doing because the guy that we are looking at douse really weird art and we get to make a picture of our selfs and make it like his.

    From Finn

  3. I think that in the spelling contract when you have to write lines for the list words its pretty difficult to figure it out.

  4. Hi mrs baldwin,
    Using sounds is very useful to me because I need to hear the word properly to be able to spell it. My reading has improved because i can now pronounce more words so i can read and not get stuck as much. I liked using the sound chart to make my name because i found out that my name could be split lots of different way not just the one. I have to really think about how i spell words and sounds have made it so much easier.

    From Tia

  5. phonemes have helped me know there are different ways to spell to things to how they sound .

    the cross word it was hard to find the words because they were so close together

  6. I think this has helped beause we do the spelling contract and now I’m better with my spelling sounds it has helped a lot and now I find it easyer to spell a word .

    From Bridie

  7. Dear mrs Baldwin it helped me because sometimes i get hard words and i sound it out. Buzz there are 2 sounds in in buzz. there is puzzle
    apple book. I find doing the dictionary

  8. Dear mrs Baldwin
    Well it helped me because I get hard words and it helped me A lot. Buzz there is Bu,zz there is two sounds in it. there is puzzle,book,apple.I find the sentences hard.

    From Steven

  9. Dear Ms B,

    it helps me because i can read the words
    i really think that they really help me thank you for bringing them up
    ; ]

  10. Dear Ms Baldwin,

    I know a Couple of the words\names\pictures and I know how to read the words much better now

  11. Dear Mrs Baldwin,

    This has helped me hepps with spelling [grammer] contracts
    because I have really never sounded out a word before.
    I find that the sheets are a little confusing If I think about it
    but last year we didn’t do lscwc we did scswc.

    from ava

  12. Dear Ms Baldwin

    The phonemes helps me read the hard words in my book so I can get to new reading material.

    The words I choose are cord, apple and sign there are 4 sounds in cord there is 3 in apple and 4 in sign.

    kind regards Sergio.

  13. Dear Mrs Baldwin

    It helps me because I can read the words a lot better now
    I think it really helps me because now I can hear the sounds

  14. Dear mrs baldwin

    Listening to sounds have helped me on our pretest.
    Otherwise=6 interesting=9 superintendent=12
    The favourite thing about the contract is the challenge part.

    From Emily

  15. Dear ms Baldwin,

    it has helped me learn how cowrite order words because I can say the sounds & then I just know how to spell it in my head,

    chicken (5) , Tarj (4) , train (3) ,

    doctor, computer , glass.

    I enjoy high lighting the sounds in our words.

    From Tarj😀

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