These are a few of our favourite things…. for 2015!

Oh what a year of learning we have had in Room 10!

The last week we have reflected on all the wonderful activities, bonding and growth of learning we have had in our room this year. As a class we brainstormed all the memorable moments of 2015 in all areas of learning.

Everyone created a poster capturing our highlights of the year. We used Word to create the poster and chose 4 activities that we participated in and wrote about what we learnt and why we enjoyed the activity or lesson. By using Word we also practiced our computing skills such as:

  • Importing a text box
  • Creating a boarder and background
  • Manipulating font and colour
  • Touch typing skills
  • Importing pictures and positioning them correctly
  • Saving a document in the correct file and including a title

Mrs Baldwin is very proud of every student in Room 10 for all the learning that everyone has achieved this year! Everyone deserves a break to recharge the batteries, ready to be back in 2016 to begin year 5!

Our reflections are displayed outside our classroom. You can also check them out below!

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