Planet Rhythm Workshop

Today the year 4’s were lucky enough to watch the Planet Rhythm workshop. This was a fantastic interactive workshop that a offered fun and informative short talk on the history and evolution of rhythm and drums and a variety of drumming demonstrations.

Each student was selected to participate in a drumming activity following the beat of the instructor. John the instructor demonstrated and explained the different beats and rhythm and how to count each one. He also provided some history of some of the drums we used. Many of the drums were made from a variety of animal skins.

The best part about this workshop was that we all had a chance to participate and use some instruments in a creative way.

It was a wonderful way to start the day!

IMG_8706 IMG_8726[1] IMG_8727[1] IMG_8702[1] IMG_8701[1] IMG_8728[1]


What did you enjoy the most about the performance?

What was something you learnt about the rhythm and drums?

Do you play a musical instrument, if so what one?

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